How Do Developers Make Money From Free Games

You should have heard about the freemium model but what it is about?Isn’t free completely free?the answer is very simple nothing is said to be completely free.Developers are needed to get paid for their hard work but the user should also know that how they are paying apps for use.

Today we’ll talk about: How Do Developers Make Money From Free Games

What Is Freemium Payment Model?

In Freemium mode people download app for free.Nowadays apple and Play Store mark such apps with free in game theses applications purchase is made after the app is download the purchase helps to enhance the app and to change the gameplay and to remove ads from the can say while you are gaming,you are unknowingly getting gamed.

For example: you have listened about pokemon go it was released recently and within 24 hours, the app started to generate more money than any other app present on Play Store and Apple store.It made almost $14 million in Just  a matter of week.

You would be thinking that how a free app can earn that much you should ask this question to yourself once you had played a very addictive game and wanted to buy some things in that game to make you the best.

How Developer Encourage you To Spend Money?

The reason why a lot of people get addicted to them is due to that developer has done a lot of research. They know that how the users play games they are provided with the time a users spends to play that game by that they send you different offers and encourage you to spend money they also know when you are coming on a stage to leave that game everything is done by analytics.

In simple words you can say that they have mastered the art of applied addiction.they know how to force you people to buy their products. The Developers monetize their gameplay by employing some basic behavioural psychology.

While you are play a game which is free, the developers start to play pshycological game with you while you are gaming, the trick or force you unknowingly to buy in game cash. this they earn some extra cash than they would, they made their users pay and to buy ingame purchases.this method of monetization in app purchases is becoming a common practise these days for all developers.

game monetisation graph

Another psychology is that when experience any type of unexpected loss in game, you feel it more intensely than the same amount of  profits.Games time the purchase prompts at such time so that there is more chance you pay to make a comeback.

The whole process of getting a user and making money can be described as

game development

Techniques Used to  make more energy:

one thing is common amongst all these games is that these all games have virtual currencies like diamonds,coins or gold bars. Some of them also even have a third object like lives in candy crush and piano tiles the game takes time to get recharge these life if you can’t wait then you need to pay for which forces you to pay this can occur in an addictive game you love to play.

When you are using this virtual currency, you don’t feel like you are using real money. you basically use a credit card to pay and get more stuff instead of by paying with cash and in that way you completely bypass the feeling of wasting money.In addition many games are now using multiple how it works.

Rare currency like diamonds in Temple run 2, can be bought easily by using real world cash. And now you can use that to buy other cash,coins or lives in that game or any other stuff. it is like that you pay $ 5 for 50 diamonds and then you use it to buy gold bards or coins for like 10 diamonds are of about 100 gold bars. so in reality they are keeping you apart from paying real money there are also upgrades in games which saves a lot of time for people.

42% developers charge user based on their country and phone’s model

so you feel like you are spending just 4$ and getting almost 1000 gold.that’s cheap right?you spend more than that on a zinger burger.So that’s not much,you are saving yourself months of trouble by just sacrificing a burger.

one more thing that nowadays payment methods are made so much easy that it just took second for you to buy something and you don’t even think how much you money spend on just a game.i have personally seen people spending hundreds of Dollars on games like Clash of clans and Candy crush.

Some developers nowadays even charge accroding to countries and mobiles if You have got a cheap phone you will be charged less and in Pakistan but if you have got an HTC Desire 628 and are inUSA They would charge more than that Pakistani user.They also check your payment habits and give discounts on purchases.

What is  the result of This Monetisation Method?

At the end the people who pay are very less only 1.9% of users pay for the game and the amount they pay is also very less.but that small amounts of money paid by users result into a lot of payments.Half of money the game make comes from 0.2 percent of the users.these people addicted with the game and spend almost thousands or hundreds of dollars on these games which they became addicted to Pokemon GO, candy crush saga and Clash of clans are ruling right now.

Half of game revenues come from about 0.2 percent of users

In simple words,the  rest of gamers are just bait for the ones who pay.They are only used for marketing to make the game more viral.The more viral a game get,more the users and more chances of finding more users that get addicted the game and starts paying the developers and to maintain the presence of users on their apps they need to make the app bug free and keep it away from any glitch.[AdSense-B]

Developers also update their games in order to accommodate for the information they get when you play the game they get every single detail what you do in the game and use it to make it more profitable there are PRO And free versions also pro have more features than the free version but you need to pay for it the real fun of the app begins with pro free version is only used for testing purposes for the user and is used to make the user addictive to game.but developers should earn money for their hard works google play and apple store charges developer to upload their apps on their store so developer also pays for its hard work but when his app is hit his profit reaches the top.


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