Popular Methods to Make Money Online

Make Money Online: As an internet user, we always think that “How to Make Money Online” since there are many ways to generate income but they all are not legal. Many peoples on the internet make money by doing frauds, spamming, etc. Keeping in mind this scenario, we have collected a list of ” Top Ten Ways to Make Money Online” which contain all the professional and legal methods to make life happier.

make money online

Make Money Online

1- Blogging

Blogging is one of the popular way to make money online from home.A Blog is just like a website with some frequrent updates on weekly/monthly or daily basis. One of the convenient way of doing blogging is to write articles on any topic in which you have interest.To generate income from a blog you can apply to different publishers like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, etc.When your request got approved, then you can earn money just by displaying different ads provided by that publisher on your blog.

Some of the popular platforms to start a blog are:

– Blogger.com
– WordPress.org
– WordPress.com

2- Freelancing

Freelancing means doing different tasks for others without having to present physically at any office. In recent past, freelancing has become the major source of earning and has played an important role to remove unemployment.Moreover, there are many professionals present today who have quiet up their job and has become the full-time freelancer.

If you have any skill like web development, photo editing, programming, etc, then you can also become a full/part time freelancer by joining different freelancing platforms.

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Some of the popular platforms are:

– Guru.com
– Fiverr.com
– Upwork.com
– Odesk.com
– Freelancer.com

3-Affliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting other product, and whenever someone from your referral link buys that product, you earn a commission.There are different ways to promote a product like blogging, video marketing, social media, etc.

There are various websites present which provide you a complete platform for affiliate marketing. Some of the popular one’s are:

– Clickbank.com
– Cj.com
– Linkshare.com
– Amazon.com

4- Vlogging:

As earning via blog is called blogging, Similarly earning via sharing video is called vlogging. Basically, you can earn money by sharing video’s whose copyrights are owned by you.

Some of top video sharing websites where you can earn money are:

– Youtube.com
– Dailymotion.com

5- Application Development

Having some good skills in programming through which you can create mobile/Pc apps? If yes then there are different platforms available which provide you the opportunity to sell your apps.

Some of the famous platforms to sell apps are:

– Flippa.com
– Chupamobile.com
– Sellmyapp.com

6- Selling Domain:

If you have any old or new domain with high metrics or have a premium domain name, then you can sell that domain with the high price.Peoples are willing to buy such domains even at a high price.

Some of the leading platforms where you can list you domain for sale are:

– Flippa.com
– Sedo.com
– Auctions.godaddy.com
– Websitebroker.com

7- Article Writing:

If you have some good writing skills, then you can earn money by writing articles for others.There are different websites available which pay you to write an article for them. Some of them share revenue with you and some of them pay you for per article. Like Here at Odosta, you can earn money by writing articles and you will be paid for per article. For more details, Please Visit Us.
Some of Popular Article Writing Websites where you can earn money Are:

– Hubpages.com
– Squideo.com
– Helium.com
– About.com
– Ehow.com

8-Teaching Online:

If you are good at teaching, then you can earn money by teaching others online.You can create a course and then sell it on different websites.

Some of popular one’s are


9-Playing Games

if you love playing games, then there are different websites which pay you to test different games, most of the games are web based.

Some of the popular platform to earn money via gaming are:

– Game-testers.net
– Gamesville.com
– Slingo.com

10- PTC websites:

Not recommend but still can be a good source of income. In these type of website you can earn money by watching ads, completing offers and tasks, playing games, referring others, etc.These types of websites are also called PTC (Paid to Click Websites).

Some of popular PTC Website are:

– Clixsense.com
– Neobux.com
– Paidverts.com

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