Top 10 Maritime Attorneys in USA

A maritime attorney is a lawyer, who specializes in the legal issues related to maritime law, which is the body of laws that governs activities that take place on or near the ocean or other navigable waters. This can include matters such as the ownership and operation of ships, maritime contracts, marine insurance, and the liability of shipowners and operators for injuries or accidents that occur at sea. Maritime attorneys also deal with issues related to international trade, shipping, and the transportation of goods by sea. They may represent individuals, businesses, or governments in legal disputes involving maritime matters, and they may also provide advice and counsel to clients on issues related to maritime law. Here you can find Top 10 Maritime Attorneys in USA to Choose the best one for you.Top 10 Maritime Attorneys in USA

Maritime attorneys are often called upon by ship owners to represent them in legal matters involving safety concerns on-board their ships or when they need advice about various aspects of navigation at sea (e.g., how to navigate through fog). They may also be called upon to provide advice on property rights under admiralty law—the subset of commercial law that deals with maritime matters like salvage operations and wreck removal—as well as any other legal questions surrounding ships at sea such as salvage rights and libel suits brought against captains who lose people overboard while on duty (which can result from negligence).

What does a maritime attorney do?

A maritime attorney is a lawyer who specializes in handling cases related to the sea. These lawyers are trained experts in maritime law, and they know how to help you understand your rights when navigating on or near the water.

If you’re involved in an accident while sailing or boating through international waters, it’s important to have a professional guide by your side who understands what kind of legal issues can arise from such an incident. A good attorney will work closely with both sides of the dispute—the injured party and their crew—to ensure that all parties have their best interests protected during negotiations and mediation sessions if necessary.

How to become a maritime lawyer?

To become a maritime lawyer, you will need to have a law degree and pass the bar exam. Then, you must also pass the Maritime Law Exam (MLE) administered by the American Bar Association.

Once your credentials are in order, it’s time to practice maritime law for five years before becoming eligible for admission into the New York Bar Association’s Maritime Section or other state bar associations that offer similar programs.

What are the laws in the US?

The US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which is the official compilation of all laws, regulations and policies issued by federal agencies in the United States. The CFR includes all standards issued by agencies such as OSHA, EPA, IRS and others.

Maritime law is a body of laws that applies to ships at sea or in navigable waters (such as rivers). Maritime law covers all aspects of shipping including commercial and recreational boating; it also includes laws governing marine salvage operations after accidents or disasters on land or water.

In general terms: maritime lawyer can help you if your vessel has been involved in a collision with another ship; if there has been an injury or death on board your vessel; if there has been damage caused during transport between countries/states within U S territory; etc….

What is admiralty law in the US?

You might be wondering: What is admiralty law? How does it differ from other types of law, and how does it apply in the United States? Here are some examples to help you understand.

Admiralty law covers matters dealing with ships and their cargo (goods) on which they have been lost or stolen. If a ship carrying fuel oil has been hijacked by pirates and sunk in international waters, then the insurance company will pay out damages on behalf of its insured customers without having to file any lawsuit against any parties involved with this incident—this is because under admiralty law, these cases are not considered criminal offenses like they would be under state jurisdiction or federal court jurisdiction; instead they’re treated as civil cases governed by maritime laws that were created specifically for situations like this one (such as international treaties).

Why do you need a maritime attorney?

The most important reason to hire a maritime attorney is that they can help you understand the laws.

A maritime attorney will also represent your case if you need help with it, and they’ll be able to recommend ways in which your case could be settled or won. A good lawyer will also negotiate on behalf of their client, so that any legal issues are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A maritime lawyer will help you understand how these laws apply to you and represent your case.

A maritime lawyer will help you understand how these laws apply to you and represent your case. They’re also the ones who will help you understand the law, which is crucial when it comes to representing yourself in court.

It’s important that someone who knows what they’re doing represent their clients before a judge or jury because they can make sure that everything is done correctly and fairly, which means less stress for everyone involved.

Top 10 Maritime Attorneys in USA

The maritime industry is a complex one, and it’s important to have an attorney at your side who understands the legal issues that arise in this field. Maritime attorneys are not just experts in maritime law; they also have experience working with businesses that have operations around the world, including shipping companies like Maersk Line and Louis Dreyfus Company.

1. Joseph W. Shea, Attorney at Law

Joseph W. Shea, Attorney at Law

Practice areas: admiralty and maritime law, transportation law, insurance coverage, oil and gas law, and corporate law

Office locations: New York City; Washington D.C.; St Louis; Houston

2. Alton C. Todd

Alton C. Todd is a maritime law firm with offices in New Orleans, Louisiana and New York City. The firm has 20 attorneys practicing in these two cities as well as Washington, DC; San Francisco and Miami Beach. They handle cases ranging from maritime cases to general commercial litigation matters including contract disputes, securities frauds and antitrust violations against corporations or individuals.

The attorneys at Alton C. Todd are experienced professionals who have been successfully representing clients in all types of litigation matters related to the maritime industry over the past 20 years since founding their practice together in 1998 after working together previously at another law firm where each had specialized areas of expertise such as insurance defense (Alton C.), admiralty law (Todd A.) or bankruptcy administration (Todd B.).

3. Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary

Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary has been in business since 1975. It has offices in New York and Florida and is recognized as one of the top maritime law firms in America.

The firm’s attorneys are experienced in all areas of maritime law including cargo claims and injuries as well as construction disputes involving ships or dock infrastructure. The firm also handles Admiralty cases where there is an issue with a ship at sea or what happens when a vessel runs aground on land.

The team at Scopelitis Garvin Light Hanson & Feary has a strong record of success in maritime cases which include successful outcomes such as:

4. Marek Brothers Systems (MBS)

Marek Brothers Systems (MBS) is a leading maritime law firm, with offices in London and New York. The firm has been practicing for more than 100 years and works on all aspects of shipping finance.

MBS has strong reputation for maritime litigation and shipping finance.

5. The Pipkin Law Firm

The Pipkin Law Firm is a maritime law firm. The firm has offices in Boston and Newport, Rhode Island.

The firm was established in 1812 by John C. Pipkin, who had been practicing maritime law since 1799. In its almost two centuries of existence, the Pipkin Law Firm has represented clients in over 1,000 cases involving maritime issues such as admiralty and maritime law claims against cargo owners or shipowners; wrongful death suits against cruise lines; cargo handling violations by carriers; pollution incidents caused by oil spills at sea that led to lawsuits against owners of vessels involved with these events; torts such as assault and battery (including negligent homicide) arising out of accidents on board commercial vessels during which crew members were either injured/killed while performing their duties as required under applicable laws governing safe working conditions aboard those ships where they work daily without fear of being harmed themselves due to negligence exhibited by others around them instead being able to concentrate solely on doing what needs doing without worrying about whether someone might accidentally bump into them causing injury which could result from any number of reasons including lackadaisical attitude towards safety protocols set forth within manuals issued beforehand so that everyone feels comfortable knowing exactly how things should be done before beginning any project so there will not be any surprises during

6. Devine Millimet & Branch P.A.

These maritime attorneys have offices in Florida, California and Texas.

The firm’s main focus is on representing cargo owners, vessel operators and shipbuilders in connection with general maritime matters. Devine Millimet & Branch P.A. was founded in 1998 by John R. Devine III (who has since retired), who has more than 30 years of experience as a trial attorney representing clients in admiralty cases before federal courts throughout the United States including California, New York and Washington D.C..

Devine Millimet & Branch P.A.’s practice also includes advising clients on regulatory compliance issues relating to bills of lading and other documentation related to shipping activities; negotiating contracts for cargo transportation from shippers through carriers; advising clients on how best to structure their business operations so as not only protect them from liability but also maximize profits from each transaction; assisting those interested in starting their own shipping company through providing guidance regarding start-up costs involved with launching a new enterprise such as obtaining necessary licenses etc.; handling litigation against shippers who fail meet contractual obligations or otherwise violate maritime laws (including aiding injured parties bring claims against negligent parties).

7. Mowry & Grimson, LLP

Mowry & Grimson, LLP is a maritime law firm with offices in Florida and New York. The firm handles all types of maritime claims and personal injury cases.

Mowry & Grimson was founded by Lance Mowry and Jeffrey Grimson, who have extensive experience representing clients in all types of disputes related to marine transportation throughout the world.

8. The Collins Law Firm, P.C., Maritime Attorneys in Chicago, Illinois

The Collins Law Firm, P.C., is a maritime law firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm is a member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States and the International Association of Defense Counsel.

The Collins Law Firm has three offices: one located in Chicago (which serves clients throughout Illinois), one located in Dallas/Fort Worth (serving clients throughout Texas) and one located in Seattle/Tacoma (serving clients throughout Washington).

9. Anderson Carey Alexander Wilson White & Wilson LLP

Anderson Carey Alexander Wilson White & Wilson LLP is a maritime law firm with offices throughout the United States. They have been helping clients protect their interests in the maritime industry for over 50 years.

10. Ashley Bratten Adair Ellis Hendren & Henley LLP

Ashley Bratten Adair Ellis Hendren & Henley LLP is a maritime law firm with offices in San Francisco and Seattle. The firm has been recognized by Chambers USA for its excellence in maritime law.

The attorneys at Ashley Bratten Adair Ellis are experts in all facets of the shipping industry, including cargo and crewing, insurance coverage, anti-piracy measures, equipment security and more.

11. Kirkland Woods & Martinsen OSU LLC

Kirkland Woods & Martinsen OSU LLC is a maritime law firm with offices in Seattle, Washington and Anchorage, Alaska. The firm has over 40 years of experience in maritime law and was recognized by Super Lawyers as one of the top firms in the country for maritime law.


In the United States, maritime attorneys have a very important job to do. They work to protect the interests of their clients and ensure that they receive top-notch legal representation. With so many maritime attorneys in each state, it can be hard for you to choose which one is right for your case. This article gave you an idea of what some of these lawyers are like with how much experience they’ve had with maritime law and how you can choose from the best   Top 10 Maritime Attorneys in USA.


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