The Next iPhone Could Have a Big Screen

iPhone will not be announced until September 8, is filled with rumors this week about the upcoming device. And it seems that this show will be a great star performance.

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But the iPhone will not be announced until September 8, is filled with rumors this week about the upcoming device. And it seems that this show will be a great star performance.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus two new versions, and is going to announce three new devices that Apple may be spending more than $ 1,000 that the new top of the device, – rumor has it. And it seems that the rumors about the show mysterious “iPhone Pro” model.

According to KGB Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo (usually fairly reliable), the next iPhone has a 5.8-inch OLED display functions, the phone is more or less the current iPhone 7. size, the surface of the Apple devices can will remove the ring on the screen, only a big screen. Here, then, it will look like after the photo

As you can see, Apple is going to keep the space at the bottom for the virtual buttons. Think of it as a kind of touch, but for the iPhone. Virtual home button, and the button that you will see at this time. Imagine Media Play music app button or button to take pictures and messages.

Touch the ID? Saw AppleInsider, that Apple patented a method to install the fingerprint sensor into a screen. I think that Apple does not want the fingerprint sensor device after all of the Android phones.

Attention will now screen shows. In this way, Apple is a small device that can be easy to keep that ship there are a great phone with one hand.

If the screen is 16: 9 This means that you see the video, left and right on the black rectangle of the video on the YouTube screen. If you look at the 21: 9 full-screen movie, there will be only 49 pixels small black bars everywhere.

In addition, you can see that the main area of ??15.5 inches longer physically slightly smaller 5.8-inch OED? I’m not sure exactly what that is. Perhaps Samsung Galaxy OLED displays can be down each side So Edge – and you do not want to display text on the display bananas.

The exhibition will be a ton of pixels trial. Pixel’s 528 PPI, it is the performance of the current iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus display (326 PPI high level, respectively, and 401 PPI)

As on the iPhone 7 Plus, you can rendering originally given the different levels of Apple 3x with “Zoom”. Note that the iPhone 7 Plus, by 1242 pixel scale until 1920, is the width of 1242 pixels of 1080. The main display area in 2208, it will make a lot of sense.

In fact, iPhone rumors, said the iPhone 7 Plus appear as part of the display, but with some additional lines long display as text. All of it is a bit small, but it will be reduced down to the phone in real-time Apple may be you should choose the delivery 2x.[AdSense-B]

But the big screen of the phone is usually leads to worse battery life. According to Ming KGB Chi Kuo, Apple battery found in the same footprint. Apple stacked PCB accept transistors together on the motherboard, the top of each other. Here is a picture of Potomac:

If the main PCB board is small, the battery can be left for the space. Finally, the iPhone wireless functions may impose charges. So you should be able to make your phone throughout the day


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