Very Common Traffic Accidents and The Common Sense

Today, the development of transport, but also his country’s new rich or poor, First World War, died of the Third World, to the world of letters below the poverty nor riches, accident, car, anywhere . Transportation, infrastructure, road construction, openness and quality, some of the provisions of the basic mind, build and operation of a new car model in which care can save many lives. In this article, You can Check the Very Common Traffic Accidents and Common Sense of our People.

Common Traffic Accidents

Common Traffic Accidents

During his recent visit to Karachi in a car, new car, and you set tie vehicle seat belt and sitting beep, but the car to make the car ” hook ” kmpyutrazd car fool template off the seat belt seat If the ability to light. We also velvet, was given to understand that to save our lives, but the tragedy is that they must provide kiln Jughead saved the lives of the establishment of security if you have the whole world was created.

That God is the crisis and destruction that can shoes to understand the crash that he was not sent down to use your head, who will be punished. Thursday

All fast work is basic knowledge and understanding. Today we put the seat belt in the car forever young children living and make additional safety seat to put children in the back seat of the car. What is your car, and another person, a taxi, a Oruro or cream, when a seat belt travel lady.

Make necessary to comply with traffic lights. Read Sure, you do not need to apply to the Caliph of Muslims. You can save the lives of many people in a few minutes late and many people suffer traffic jam moisture will rush your body. Common heritage of running road vehicle with dancing and negligence of the city fear the citizens of the city and will increase fears of a reaction to something.

Similarly, white pepper pieces arranged across a pedestrian crossing the road. If you Sri Lanka, where you can increase the pedestrian crossing and traffic and stable. Sometimes, dogs and other animals in the street to see a pedestrian crossing. To create security and reliability, ensuring no other country of the animal for which a portion of the land is destined to find citizen ayr estimate. I have a sign that is an agricultural town in Poland,
O Allah! Karachi University students will spend jalamuragi.traffic-accidents

Crecy rickshaw and it was considered as a part of our community and transportation. Cancellation is obvious, but there may be some safety precautions. Try it, if you out of the car, for example, traffic moves on the right side with the left side of the road. In Sri Lanka, the car is equipped with a plastic box on the right of the right hand to close the gate. You have a piece of plastic a few hundred dollars, which may not save as many people think.

Let’s take a look at the end of the motorcycle, the eyes of the people were a mother at the speed of 60 miles per hour on the highway on a motorcycle with his son, he went to a series of Zarqa bike. Son is not usually wear a helmet. The story spread on the road to understand enough blood. If you should also be good for your soul and faith concern for Call your cover with chain and wear, penalties may be less stubborn for that hit. His house was a risk and may be punished to send shoes to mind.[AdSense-B]

We think that is the way of your daily routine to take the minor and future development and security of us that we accept the lives of others.


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