Uber Misled Control Authorities with Hidden Tool

Uber reportedly has for years used a software tool to identify officials who investigated the taxi service. Inspectors were the tool, named Grey Ball excluded from applying for rides. The news comes from The New York Times who has spoken several anonymous people on the secret software tool in the UberX application. These people would be present and former employees of the company. Uber itself does not substantively respond to the notice. The newspaper has Uber years been a tool hidden in his cab application that attempts were made to exclude civil servants, so as to avoid that they could catch the service for illegal taxi rides. Here you’ll know how Uber Misled Control Authorities with hidden tools.Uber Misled Control Authorities

Uber Misled Control Authorities

According to The New York Times, the tool is called Grey Ball and is used for many years. With software, the officials were identified on the basis of information that was collected in the app, after which they were excluded from the use of Uber. So would Uber users which it was established that they were investigating the taxi service, no drivers are offered. This happened without the officer had here knows; so there would be within the app Uber cars are displayed in the area, when in fact, were not present. By “ghost cars” show would be prevent the deliberate officer managed to get a ride.

Among others was determined by using credit card details or a possible user was part of a government organization, says The New York Times. Also, users who often opened the app and closing were suspicious. Where there was sufficient information from the software Uber staff were deployed to investigate the officials operating on the taxi service, including by drawing on social media. That information was then secretly deployed within the app.

Grey Ball would have formed part of a program called Vtos or violation, or terms of service . Within that program Uber trying to exclude those who did not comply with the terms of the app. The company has admitted that it has a program to detect violations of the terms, but did not want to let go of the Grey Ball program.[AdSense-B]

The New York Times reports that Grey Ball has been used for years, and probably continued until 2015. In several major US cities, the software was used, among other places Uber has now been banned.


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