How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Many users are asking, How to earn money online, As they have visited many fraud companies, Who claim that they will make them able to learn, How to make money online, But all in vain, So today we’ll talk about it, Which may useful for someone.
There are many other methods to earn money from internet, But Google Adsense is very simple and reliable way to earn a huge money online, For this purpose, You must have a blog, site or YouTube channel, Where as a publisher you will display adsense ads, But before Applying for Adsense Account I want to share some most important points here;Google adsense earning boost

  1. Some people use YouTube channel with their own videos to apply adsense hosted account, Where host company gets some percent money from their earning, Beside of’ You’ve to face strict rules of Google, So I recommend, You must have your own .com domain, where you should publish your content as much as many visitors visit your site on daily basis being searched at Google.
  2.  No matter, What’s the age of your blog/site, As Google just see, Which type of content, you’ve and how many people visit it, So I recommend you to publish content, Which through user can get many updated information, So that he would like to share it with his friends, Which increase your traffic.
  3. I know, Some people buy adsense account from other people to display adsense ads at their site, But its not a good idea, In case, You don’t have any site, Which did not complies with Google Adsense Program Policies, As after displaying adsense ads, Your purchased adsense account will be limited and ads will not display, So you should have confident at your own abilities, As you can Get Adsense Approved Account easily, In case you apply for it after having a popular blog/site, Which complies with Google Adsense Terms & Conditions.
    Some time, Google disable some accounts in third world countries, Which may result the loss of his market shares to other companies, So at this condition, Google can disable your account without providing any reason to manage his loss, Which was happened in 2012. Within the situation, You can buy a new adsense account to use adsense ads at your existing blog/site, As you know, your site is not Banned by Google.
  4. You should check adsense account status, In case, You’re buying it from some other person or third parties. For this purpose, details are mentioned bellow to Check Adsense Account Status;
    A – Login and Go to Gear icon at the top right corner>>Setting>>Account Information to see, How much Google share from its revenue, As it must be 68% revenue without involvement of third parties.Adsense shares revenue
    B – Go to Gear icon at the top right corner>>Status>>Policy Violation to see you’ve not Account Level Policy Violations on record, As High Risk Violations are Copyright Content and Invalid Activity etc.adsense account violation

If all set, You can buy it and display ads with your own content, Ultimately it’ll generate revenue, If you’ve more traffic from the countries, Where Google offers High CPC Adsense Rates.

Earn 100$ with Google Adsense:

After reading my posts, Many users ask me, How much they can earn through adsense and how much I’m earning using Google ads on this blog, But I cannot share my Adsense Account Statistics, As Google did not allow its publishers to share their earning, CPC and CTR with other people to encourage them.
Do you know, How much huge money is possible to earn from Google Adsense Account of any country in the world.
Suppose! I’m earning almost $800 to $1,000 monthly, But its less than the earning of most popular bloggers in the world, Who just has focused for optimization in Top High CPC Countries in the World.

Top Countries for High CPC:

There are many countries, From where you can get better CTR and CPC, But I’ve specified some countries, Where you should optimize your blog to Get High CTR and CPC, As mentioned bellow;

  • Slovenia
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Philipines
  • United States
  • Australia

How to Get Traffic For Your Blog:

Its most important matter, How to Get organic traffic from top ranked countries in the world, So that you may earn extra revenue at your content, So you’ve two methods.

Premium/Paid Traffic:

Its mean, You’ve to pay money to the company or specified person to get traffic via SEM (Search Engine Marketing) like; Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc. or SMM (Social Media Marketing) like; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit etc. I’ll not recommend you to spend money in starting, As you’ve no more content, But if you’ve content according to the country, Where you want to boost your post, Then you can get its benefit.

Organic/Non-Paid Traffic:

To get organic traffic, You’ve to work hard at On-Page and Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get more traffic at your blog.

Beside of’ You can work through Social Profile to get more traffic by connecting individual people, groups and communities in specified countries to get more likes and views on Facebook and Google plus pages. Reddit is another best social site to boost your post magically after getting at least 200 permalinks at your posts, But now a days, Reddit has made its rules strict, Now its not easy to boost your own post on Reddit.

At this situation, I suggest you to use Fb, Twitter and G+ for organic traffic, But don’t forget to use on-page and off-page seo techniques, As its my personal experience that you can get traffic as you want by posting comments as a back-link on other relevant sites in specified countries, For this purpose, You need to search at Specified Google SE such as;


Author’s Point of View:

Always Try to write posts on worldwide topics, But If you cannot, Then write only for above specified regions then you can also get benefit with premium traffic.

I hope, Now you can get a huge traffic & make not only $100 daily through adsense, But You can earn as much as you want.

I’m surprise for new bloggers, What will they do with their fb likes, If they’re not able to earn money using it. Millions of people are wasting their time daily on Fb, They don’t know’ they can earn money with providing services on Fb, So don’t waste even a second, As Qaid said’ Work, Work and just Work ever to Make a Progressive Nation.


Tayyib Ahsan is an Entrepreneur and Freelance Technology Writer, His Passion is to Help Others in Blogging, Marketing and Online Shopping to Gain Knowladge & Success. In addition, He also offers E-Currency Exchange Services for Individuals and Companies Worldwide. Get in touch with him on Twitter or Facebook.

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