What’s New in Windows 10 That developers Cannot Yet Give in Apps

With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft announced several important new features including new types of compatible devices , new tools for porting apps from other formats, and deeper integration with the system and other apps. Although the update has been available for months , several new features seem not yet to have taken hold. Unlike what you might think, however, some changes are still limited to a small circle of developers and publishers. For certain products, in fact, developers and publishers have to follow different procedures and are subject to restrictions.

What’s New in Windows 10

In this article we will analyze two situations, showing the procedures to send its own product and explaining the reasons for these limits , it is possible that confirmed . The basis for creating or augmenting new extensions is excellent, Edge is compatible with the standard WebExtensions , the same used by all major browsers. Yet after months of launch Anniversary Update, we can only count twenty extensions. Because?Windows 10

Publishers at the time, can not publish independently extension for Edge because they are of a reserved type. In other words it is not authorized to the publication of extensions.


Unfortunately there are no official reasons from Microsoft. The engine that powers the extensions is still developing and is not 100% suitable with the WebExtensions standards. Having control over the published extensions, the development team will be able to finalize the documentation and work with the contribution of feedback without incurring problems. It would not make sense, in our view, restrict forever publication.


Trying to load an extension on the DevCenter, a mistake we will postpone to technical support for developers. At that moment it will be possible to apply and the team will decide whether or not to grant permission for a specific project. However, we remind you that you can install extensions, even outside of the Windows Store, sharing the project folder.

Downloaded the extension, type in the address bar of the Edge about: flags.
Put the tick the option Enable features for developers of extensions.
Restart Edge and tap on the three dots, then select Extensions.
Click on the button Upload extension and select the project folder.

Apps created with Project Centennial

The programs Desktop (also known as Win32 , x86 ,. Exe ,. Msi , etc.) Are still fundamental today in a Windows Desktop system, especially with regard to backward compatibility.
One of the great innovations of Windows 10 is that developers can – or, rather, will be able – through the Desktop Bridge (also known as Centennial Project ) adapt their programs to be publishable in the Windows Store and possibly begin our transformation into app UWP. Even in this case it is not authorized to do so themselves. Because?

Motivations and publication

We know that among the major Windows Desktop problems there is the risk of running malicious software. The programs are tailored with Project Centennial app Desktop and Microsoft prefers to pass, publishers interested, a more thorough certification.[AdSense-B]
Microsoft has created a special page , where you can make a request for their own project. Publishers and developers can submit their application for a more detailed certification and in no time you can get the test results and, if necessary, receive assistance with the procedure and possible amendment.


Restricted APIs of the Windows Store does not include only the two categories under consideration and, in future updates, we will see new popular categories on Microsoft’s digital store. Restrictions may be too oppressive, but the main targets of the Windows Store will is to keep everything as safe and simple as possible .

You think it is correct to apply these security levels? Do you have other examples or personal experiences in this regard? Let us know in the comments.


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