How To Track Your Stolen Laptops with Anti Theft Software

After some days my close Friend’s Laptop was stolen from his  office,It is not an unusual case that a laptop stolen. Every day many people lost their laptops. And my friend can’t track his laptop as he does not install any tracking software. So today I will discuss about how can you Track your stolen laptop by using some free tracking tool or software.

These tools are free so there is no guarantee  that you will recover or not, But Some tools are very fast So if you want to get back your laptop then you have to install one of these software so that if your laptop stolen then there is a chance to track it.Usage of these apps shows how the technology assists in the recovery of lost items. It also demonstrates the strength of social networks in accordance with technology like Hidden and Prey etc.track your notebook online

There are many options for laptop owners but Some tools are given bellow on your demand but you have to use its premium services.

Prey Anti-Theft Software:

Prey is a cross platform tracking apps which is available for computers and mobile devices. It is a tracking program in that it offers a wealth of controls.For the Free version it provides the user the location, Screen shots and the webcam photos of surrounding the device.For mobile devices User sends a password from another phone to his  mobile device which will  activate Prey in response and send data to the device that sent the password.

Available for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Linux and Android at its site.Click to download


It is a Mac-specific tracking app, this provides a wealth of information for lost or stolen Macs. It provides the location to within a few meters of Notebook. The software has i Sight, integration so that the photos of unauthorized user can be taken. Screenshots of the computer usage are also acquired so that the user can see when and why the laptop is being used for. Hidden can track easily any stolen Mac across at the globe.

Available only for Mac

Gadget Traker:

It is a cross-platform tracking app, which provides information tailored to specific groups of devices. For laptop, Gadget Trak provides WiFi positioning and webcam supports. Gadget Trak gives user the ability to file police report with over 150 police stations.It provides camera support, location reports, hybrid positioning, and push notifications for ios devices that entice the thief to initiate a tracking report. For Android and BlackBerry devices, it provides hybrid positioning,  SIM change detection, remote data wipe,and a piercing alarm that can be remotely enabled.

Available for Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, and Blackberry

Gadget Trak, 7-day free trial and paid yearly plans


A laptop-specific program, this works closely with law enforcement to recover a stolen laptop.For Laptops it is available for Mac OS and Windows.

Available for Mac OS X and Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7

Lock It Tight:

A Windows-specific program, which provides location tracking, screenshots, webcam support, key logging, file tracking, and encrypted reports. There is no indication on this product site that it will expand its reach to other devices and other operating systems. Lock It Tight provides a free and tiered monthly subscription plan.

Available for Windows (XP, Vista, and 7)

Laptop Cop:

Laptop Cop installs invisibly and keeps a record of the laptop’s location. The owner can view location history online. The owner must file a police report of a stolen laptop and provide a copy to the company. At that point they’ll enable the products other features. In recovery mode it can retrieve files, delete files, and spy on every action the thief takes using stealth monitoring technology.


Adeona is another good free tool or software to track a missing laptop.

Locate My Laptop: is free of cost web based service to track your stolen or missing laptop.

Front Door Software:

Front Door Software is free software by  the UCLA Police Department to track to missing or stolen laptop.

Locate PC:

Locate PC is a FREE software which helps you track and get back your missing notebook, computer or laptop back to you.

I Hope now you will install any of these apps program to get your notebook back after missing or stolen.


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