Top 10 Future Features Upcoming into Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft, Which is getting more popularity in these days, but many users are still unsatisfied with the new OS. At this condition, Microsoft want us to love our computer PC again, That’s why it’s updating Windows 10 features soon in the future. Microsoft announced that, They will release the next update for Windows 10 in the spring, Which is including the Best Features such as; VR capabilities & 4k game streaming and 3D applications etc. With the latest release of Windows 10 Build 15025, Recently Microsoft  announced as it will be kicking off the new Bug Bash for Windows 10 Creators Update.10 best features coming to Windows 10

Beside of, The next version of latest operating system will contains dozens of new enhancements and tweaks for all users, So I think these are the best features, which are coming into the Windows 10. After coming the New Windows 10 update, Windows 10 will be the best OS in the Microsoft History, Which through every user may do all types of work well.
We’ll update this post with confirmed Features of Windows 10 as Microsoft will release its next update, So you should save this page to get latest news. Meanwhile we’re sharing Microsoft Upcoming Features for next update of Windows 10 Creators Update, Given bellow;

1. Smart Features & Setting:

You can see your Windows 10 OS as Microsoft did not provide “add a device” option so you must need to go to “Connected Devices” to start a simple task to add a Bluetooth or other peripheral device with your computer or laptop. After upgrading my OS to Windows 10, I required to connect my eir phone device through Bluetooth, but its very difficult to attach it with my laptop as most of time, It did not display the near devices after searching. Beside of, There’s no way to easily disconnect a Bluetooth device, but you’ve to remove it entirely.10 best features coming to Windows 10
Microsoft next update will include the Bluetooth & Connected devices separately in a single page of Bluetooth and Other devices at the Setting of Control panel, Which through you can easily connect, disconnect, add or remove any device.

2. Get Clean Disk Space:

Microsoft offering you to clean your disk space by automatically delete temporary and unused files from all drives and recycle bin as well after 30 days, For this purpose, You just go to Setting>System>Storage and turn Storage sense on. After adding this feature in the Creators Update, Your system drive will not go to the red color showing full disk space.10 best features coming to Windows 10

3. Slider Update in Action Center:

When you go to the right edge of your task bar, You can see the action center to control your Screen Brightness, but by adjusting display brightness, It’s only change for 25% up or down. Beside of, You cannot control screen brightness or volume using arrow keys. Microsoft adding these function in the next Creator Update. Microsoft is also providing a slider to adjust the balance between your PC’s battery performance and life.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

4. Change Screen Resolution:

It’s very difficult to change Display Resolution in Windows 10 as you need to right click on the desktop, Select the display setting and scroll to the bottom of page then click advanced display setting to get it.
I think that display resolution is also not exactly advanced setting, So within Creator update Microsoft will place the resolution setting on its right place at the page of display setting.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

5. Automatic Updates:

Automatic Updates are the worst part of Windows 10 as after installing Windows 10 into my laptop, I got so much updates daily from Microsoft server that it fulfill my drive because there’s no way to close Windows 10 Updates.
Within the Creator update, Microsoft still did not provide option to Stop Automatic Updates, but you can hit the pause button to delay it. For this purpose, You need to go to Setting>>Update and Security>>Windows Update and then click advanced options bellow update setting, Where you’ll find a switch to pause updates for 35 days.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

You cannot stop all updates to prevent losing your unsaved work because some update will still continue for installation.

6. Metered Ethernet Controller:

Using Ethernet Controller, User can control internet data usage but Windows cannot download the updates until user allow it by setting its connection as unmetered.
To change setting of your Ethernet connection to metered, You need to go to Setting>>Network and Internet>>Ethernet and Ethernet Network then click “Set as metered connection“.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

7. High DPI Support:

Many developers required to upgrade to 4k display to get high DPI, So Microsoft adds a feature in Creator Update to increase DPI from setting to scale specific apps properly with high display resolution, For this purpose, You’ve to go to Properties>>Compatibility tab and then check the box “Override high DPI Scaling Behavior” after that select System Enhanced from drop down menu.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

8. Reminder Recurrence Option:

Microsoft also adds two New Features for Windows 10 users within its latest Creator Update, Which through you can add an option in Cortana to remind you to do any task on time such as; Pay your telephone bill or Pay children fee for every month etc.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

9. Share Menu as You want:

Recently, Share button in the sharing option is placed at the right edge of screen for any app, but in the latest Creator Update, Share windows will be available in a popup at the center of the application. Beside of, New share menu also offers Cortana Reminder, Usual suspects, Mail, Facebook, Twitter, line applications, one note and Drop box etc.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

10. Blue Light for Night View:

Microsoft also provide an option to low the blue light of your computer, For this purpose, You need to go to Setting>>System>>Display>>Night Light Setting.[AdSense-B]

Windows 10 user can set it according the sunset or also manually for specific hours. User can also find night light button at the action center to change its setting.10 best features coming to Windows 10 Creator Update

Some other Feature, Which did not Make the Cut:

  • Game mode
  • Built-in Beam streaming
  • Start menu folders
  • Custom color picker for Windows themes
  • Throttled status for apps
  • Download progress bar in Action Center
  • Microsoft Edge tab preview bar
  • Park unused tabs in Edge
  • e-books and Edge

To get all Upcoming updates from Microsoft, You must have an activated operating system. If you don’t have, Just Purchase a license by going to ODosta Store.


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