Things You Should Know Before Buying the Best Tablet from Online Shop

As Pakistan enters a new internet landscape with the rapid deployment of 3G/4G networks across the country, it is expected that demand for tablet PCs will spike in order for consumers to access these services. There is a broad range of tablets available in the market today, with massive variations in price and functionality that cater to all user needs. However, it is equally important to understand what standards tablet PCs should be judged upon and the factors to analyze before making a decision on which tablet should I store
The first and foremost factor to consider before buying a best tablet PC is its display density. The implicit assumption here is that the primary purpose of buying a tablet is for multimedia, entertainment and video streaming. In this case, it is pertinent to go for a tablet PC that offers a resolution above 800 x 480 and a display density of 200 pixels per inch or above. Some of the most expensive tablet PCs available today, such as the Apple I pad Air, offer breathtaking resolutions of 2048 x 1536 and a density of 264 pixels per inch. This is also referred to as a ‘retina display’, which gives unparalleled and vivid output, striking images and immersive videos.

While having an impressive display resolution is certainly attractive, it is useless unless the tablet is fast and responsive, which is why the second factor to judge the device should be its processor and RAM capability. As a benchmark, one should at least factor in a dual-core processor with 1GB RAM or higher as otherwise app performance and multitasking ability will be severely limited and lead to a disappointing experience overall. The Samsung Galaxy range of tablets is worthwhile in this regard as they offer good value for money as well as impressive performance benchmarks.

For many users, tablet PCs are used extensively for communication needs as well, particularly video calls over Skype and Google Hangout. Hence, it is imperative that one purchases a tablet PC that offers secondary camera support as otherwise video calls will not be supported. While I believe even a standard VGA camera will fulfill most basic needs in this regard, if users want a more engaging experience than it is recommended that they purchase a tablet PC with a 0.3 megapixel or higher secondary (front-facing) camera.


Convenience of delivery and genuine products are also a concern for Pakistani consumers as there is a flood of refurbished and fake devices masquerading as original and new in the market today. is a convenient option to buy genuine tablets online, along with manufacturer warranty as it offers free delivery and cash payment when receiving the device. A world of products is only a click away.

You can share your reviews & experience about it. If you’ve some other better option to shop online, Please mention for your friends.


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