New Technologies and Devices that We may See at CES 2017

The show of cool technologies CES 2017 is coming close as the January is running forward. The latest and innovative technologies will be seen on CES show and those technologies will be available on market later in months or years.

New technologies can be shown by everybody to the audience through live streaming. Now You may check New Technologies and Devices that We may See at CES 2017.New Technologies and Devices that We may See at CES 2017

New devices for making Home smarter

We will see even more new and smarter devices on CES that will make our Home more comfortable and innovative. This directly hints that we will see more new machines which will be aware of “internet of things” and more devices will be controlled by voice, internet and Smartphone. In 2016 we have seen June’s Intelligent Oven that has camera inside it that shows our food’s video to our Smartphone even when it is hot inside. It too has Smartphone like processor and software’s in it.

This means we are going to see even more Home technologies those will have capabilities of getting controlled by Smartphone, voice and Wi-Fi.

Juicer machines, frying panes, hair dryer they are all going to get app support and even many machines will have operating system in them. Almost unbelievable common Home machines will become smarter.

Voice-Assistant devices

2016 had been a tough competition between Google’s Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa as both of them works through a just voice command and both controls the Smart devices of home, but there isn’t any news reviled of participating for CES 2017 by the companies.

We may see Samsung’s Viv assistant at CES 2017

Never seen abilities in Cars

In 2017 CES world will see bunch of new and more capable electric cars and especially most awaited Self-Driving Cars.

Future prototypes of cars will be seen at CES 2017

More advanced TV’s

Most of the TV manufacturers will show the advanced “Quantum Dot” which is a competitor of OLED and it may drop it.

The new prototypes and technologies for TV’s will be seen at CES 2017.

There will be discussion about AI, further capabilities of computer and more advancement of machine learning. These demos will not be for sale, but will be a great for hint for companies for bringing these new changes and research to their products for making them even smarter.

Devices for Reality

We may see more products for offering different types of reality such as VR and AR.

New useful devices like devices for our pets will be seen which will let us to not worry about dirty things specially cleaning their poop on the area. All will be done by those smart machines.

Several companies will show their wireless headphones as the Apple’s Airpods took peoples and companies eyes towards wireless earpods.[AdSense-B]

These all were the new technologies and changes that may be seen at CES 2k17.

Expensive to cheaper and advanced to simple, every such new smart and innovative technology is expected to be seen in new CES 2017.

All you need is to visit it, if not we and tech websites will keep you showing CES 2017’s best highlights.



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