How to Make Money with Google Adsense

Today I will tell you how to protect or save your Google ad-sense account from click bombing and finally its banned from Google because Google has a strict policy for its publishers you should care about it. Many people get their account approved with adsense but they do not know how to manage and display their ads in their blog or site. They were happy to show their ads on their page but they do not know that their ads will show only a couple of days because whenever anybody click bombing on it Google disapproved their account status. Click bombing is clicking of someone from the same Ip,whether it would a cause of Jealousy or Ignorance.adsense safety first
So we have to get its solution for those who use CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal to design and manage the blog.

First of all you need to post original contents at your blog or site and if you will copy some content there is no guarantee to protect these tools given bellow;

Who sees ads is a WordPress plugin to prevent click bombing in your blog.
Through it you can set ads as they should display and where they should not.

Click Aider is another plugin to show ads at any blog or site. It is Hosted Web Statistics system but tracks Clicks rather than page views as most web counters do. By clicks I mean not just clicks on the urls and images but clicks on many sophisticated advertisement systems – Google Ad-sense, Yahoo Publishers Network, AdBrite, Auction-ads and others, and Click-aider also can track form submissions.

we can do our best to install these plugins but we cannot take any guarantee, So you should survey your adsense account every fours hours to see everything is okay.If you see the invalid activity with your account or something wrong, you should send a report
instantly to Google at their Invalid Click Contact Form.
They check it and block his person who made invalid clicks but you cannot defeat Google tracking system to click your own account to generate more revenue.
Some people think Google did not know So they click their ads after changing the IP address and proxy using some software like ultra surf and hotspot.
Some people click from their friends recently but Google tracking system recognize them and block their account forever.

So You have to quickly react on time from against the click bombing.You can also use this JavaScript to protect your account and If you have any other choice please tell me about it.

<?php $ip = $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"]; $ip_array = array ("", "", "", "", ""); ?>

So you have to replace all with following codes:

<?php if (in_array($ip, $ip_array)) { echo 'Blocked Adsense'; } else { echo '<Here comes the ad-sense code>'; } ?>

That will display “Blocked Ad-sense” instead of Ad-sense on Computers with  the Same IP’s you are use to log in to your Ad-sense account, So you don’t need to worry about it.

If you are in trouble for your ad-sense account please tell me and share your experience with Ad sense worldwide community.



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