Macbook Pro 2016 Vs Surface Book i7: Which New Laptop Is The Best

Microsoft And Apple Have Released Their High End Laptops, But Which Is The Best Lets Have A Look At Them.Microsoft And Apple Both Have Produced Great Laptops. But This Time Surface Book i7 Looks a bit more powerful. Apple Also Released There Laptop day after The Microsoft Event.So Which Laptop Is The Best Lets Check Out.


Microsoft Have The Same Design As The Last Surface Book. Which Means That you get a magnesium alloy body, And the same old hinges that curls around the back and leaving the middle section of the device open from where the dust can enter.

However This Time Microsoft has decreased the weight of their laptops which now weighs around 1650g,Which is a little on the tubby side.


By contrast, Apple has managed to make their device more slim up to 14.9mm thick and it also weighs only 1360g, which is a lot lighter than the Microsoft surface book.

The Main Reason is also that Surface Book has a speaker and display coming away from the speaker and it also contains a processor whereas apple contains all of this beneath the keyboard.

Microsoft’s design is bigger and thicker than the MacBook Pro, But surface Book is more versatile.


The Size of the Screen is almost same surface book has A screen of 13.5 and Macbook pro has a screen of 13.3 which is slightly smaller.

Microsoft machine packs more pixels with a stunning 3000 x 2,000 pixel resolution, By contrast,Apple’s Laptop only manages 2,560 X 1600.

As for the quality, the Surface Book attains an Adobe RGB Score of 67.6% and have a contrast ratio of 1,450:1,both of which were good enough to beat the previous MacBook, but it cannot beat The surface Books Display.


Apple says that their new screen is 67% brighter than the previous version has a contrast ratio of more than 67% and has a 25% wider color gamut But we’ll have to wait to be sure that the Apple’s new laptop beats the Suface Book or not.

The Microsoft surface book wins the match because of touch screen functionality and it also works with the surface pen for precise control whereas Mackbook Pro Can’t offer such a feature.

Power And Connectivity:

Both of these laptops are the best Power efficient laptops of all time all though for more speed you need to pay extra.

The base Model of Surface Pro has almost 8GB RAM and it has the latest intel core i7 6th Gen processor with a quad core also has a dedicated graphics card NVIDIA Geforce GTX 965M GPU,situated in keyboard with almost 1.9 Teraflops of GPU. Which means That the laptop can also handle intensive tasks like gaming are keeping it in one piece.


Whereas Apple’s Macbook pro Packs with an i5 processor as the base model, but you can also select core i7 by paying more.But  both of them are in dual core configuration, but this time it’s the latest skylake version which brings it up to Surface Book. You can also get a 8GB And 16GB RAM.

But The 13.3 inch Macbook Pro Only Offers intel iris shared graphics with 64mb of eDram If you want a dedicated card you need  To get the 15inch version.

In Performance terms Surface Book i7 Totally outclasses The MacBook pro the Surface Book’s Model is better than Macbook’s Base model.

In terms of ports,the surface book i7 have two USB 3.9 ports and an SD Card reader,While the MacBook Pro has four USB-C Standard ports to connect any thing you need to have dongles which makes everything complicated USB-C is the future but this is not the right time to implement these ports.


Apple;s Macbook Pro runs macOS Sierra,While the Surface Book is powered by windows 10.They’re completely different,but it has to be said that they’ve grown closer in the recent updates.Now Both Of Them have App stores you can setup multiple desktops on one screen and both of them look great.

Windows 10 have cortana, which is a digital voice assistant, which works great with voice or by typing and can help you to manage many things like setting a reminder or an alarm and connects with you android and Windows phone.


Of course macOS Sierra has also integrated Siri Directly from iOS Which Doesn’t feel so good and is not well integrated also.

Windows is better optimized for touch displays it also has a tablet mode you can detach the screen and use it as a tablet as well which makes it easier to navigate with your fingers.


Both The New Macbook Pro and the new surface book i7 are available with the same 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB Storage configuration.but if you can switch up to the 15 inch model you can get 2TB of Storage and this Macbook pro have also added an SD Card slot which is going to help all of the photographers out there.


Apple is changing the way how we use laptops, Apple has added a Touch bar above the keyboard with a fingerprint identification which makes online transactions much more easier it also have a butterfly Keyboard The touch bar replaces all the function keys and Escape key it can give quick suggestions about what we are typing while in Safari and a straightening tool when we are Editing Photos.


Whereas The Surface Book doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor, but it uses windows hello which uses a thermal imaging camera which can scan your iris. But again The Surface Book also has multi-Touch display, whereas a Macbook Doesn’t have that so in this matter Microsoft Surface Books Win in This Competition as well you can use the Surface Pen for signing contracts and edit pdf files by your hand which makes Everything easy to use.[AdSense-B]

On the apple Side the Touch Bar is not a ground breaking technology, in truth, it can only be said a neat one.


We Will Have to wait until both of the laptops are released and will check out which one is the best. But This time surface book is having a clear edge onto The Mac book Pro This Time an we need to see that if the touch bar can become a revolutionary input method or not Mac-book Pro Is also slimmer than Surface Book But We Need To Wait For them To Come Out.


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