How to Download the Whole Wikipedia Article as PDF

In the age of darkness and lack of knowledge about the universe and know how when jimmy Wales introduced a very small and very low revenue foundation named Wikipedia or wiki”. It was launched for the public internet users in 1st January 2001.Wikipedia was launched to enlighten the humans with the trusted and true knowledge gathered by the humans themselves. It is a open content encyclopedia service which let the users around the world to edit, create and publish a knowledgeable content. Wikipedia provides free amazing contents such as biography, culture, movies, history if you search for “Tom cruise” Wikipedia will give you whole of his personal life, acting career, birth place, early life, etc.01

It even keeps on updating the single information such as the build number of any software or who has died today in very short time if the article is on Wikipedia

Wikipedia has also launched its own research about “nature”. It has publish about 5,000,000 articles as of (November 2015) and as of February 2014 Wikipedia has been viewed about “18 billion page views

It just required an internet of about normal speed to access it and view articles on it. Its interest made itself to visit millions of visitors per day.

But most of the internet users and mostly students around the world cannot access the facility of internet 24/7 and they cannot read the whole article at once so they have to browse it again and again and there is now managed way to save articles on the Wikipedia except reading them online through internet or downloading the whole Wikipedia page (downloading the whole page will save bunch of files which are in large amounts and you cannot keep it at one file) or the other way to copy it and paste it to the editor but copying the whole article will be the ugly way to read them because it will show the irreverent texts and links which would be difficult for the studying environment.

So, there is the best way to download the whole Wikipedia article including Picture’s, default text and sequenced preview you can have the whole article for offline use (Without internet) in the PDF file by following these steps:

  1. First of all download adobe reader from here “” (adobe reader is the best and well known PDF reader but its bigger in size you can either use other such as “Foxit Reader” get Foxit reader here “https://www.foxitcom/products/pdf-reader/”
  2. now search your any of your choice document such in Wikipedia which you want to download as “Bill Gates
  3. Now Look at the left side of the page click on the print/export on left side of the page than click on Download as PDF

After a new page loads click on Start book creater as;


Now search the article “Bill Gates” which you wan’t to download and than just click on this green

  1. Than click on show Book “1” pages than simple give title and sub title to your booklet article.
  2. Now click on the button named “DOWNLOAD” you can either download as word processor”


  1. Note You Can Also Add as Much Pages To Your Book By clicking Suggested Pages and search for Wikipedia document such as another article named “Microsoft Windows” and click on it.04

When the book is downloaded than simply open it and enjoy reading Wikipedia article without internet you can now easily put them into pen drives with in a just single file.

Tayyib Ahsan

Tayyib Ahsan is an Entrepreneur and Freelance technology writer because he has utilized technology in his whole life. His passion is to help people in all aspects of Online Shopping and Marketing to gain success in their life. In addition, He also offers E-Currency Exchange Services for Individuals and Companies worldwide. You can find Ahsan on Twitter and Facebook.

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