How Messengers are ruling the Planet

SMS the Short message service is always been the most interesting and fun way to communicate rather than using the voice call feature of a mobile.In other way it seems difficult by other people who don’t use SMS typing service but actually peoples are much interested in the each word they type or receive through the SMS. People around the world were already facilitate by the voice communicating feature of a Telephone for one century so this is the reason why people did not get much excited as they were when the SMS feature was first launched.There was not any way to communicate through the text form with each other before 1980’s.The SMS service was launched to combine network and public text data all in a single Mobile Phone.About 108 billion (One thousand and 8 crore) SMS is being Sent in the United States monthly.”free messaging apps for smartphones

We are not getting deep for the history so now the point for the invasion of “Instant Messengers” in the market and 21st century.

When the internet took it’s pace on the humans peoples were same users of SMS as they were of the internet but the SMS was only king until the birth of smartphones.Before the Whatsapp and other messengers peoples were only have knowledge about “Yahoo Messenger” which does same work as the messengers of smartphones are doing now a days but the time didn’t only take the place of  Large computers it even took place from its applications.

During the starting of Smartphone’s era SMS was still the king for text communication the only reason behind the takeover of SMS by the Messengers was the Internet.From the launch of Wifi technology when the internet became a part of a smartphone with wireless technology than the rush of Mobile messengers begain messengers were free on all way and they were having nothing requirements  except of just Small amount of data package or a Wifi connection while the SMS were required bit expenses such as Monthly or daily packages which were often having expiry date and mostly users packages get expired before they use the complete amount while nothing problems were having with the Messengers.

While in starting messengers were having no more difference than SMS feature they were often having feature of sending text and sending a photo just like SMS having a feature of MMS while MMS was more fast than the messengers.

But when the time jumped toward the decade when apple introduced it’s unique products such as iPhone and iPad  where peoples left their computers , laptops and made their mind for the smartphones .Towards the light years of messengers developers introduced the ideas for communicating from smartphone through internet which was not possible for the SMS were introduced.Messengers introduced the very ease of communicating through the phones by adding the Group Chat feature which let the users to collaborate their text speech  this feature is now the widely most used feature of the Messenger in this decade. which was never done before in the history of smartphones.

After the success of Messengers the smartphone is totally now getting new messenger line by line every year world is getting a unique messenger with new amazing different features the current most featured messenger is Snapchat.

This is why Mark zuckerberg has spent 19 Billion USD for acquiring just a virtual app “Whatsapp” while he was still having the most powerful communication machine “Facebook” with over 1 billion users monthly active and facebook was still having more features and revenue than the whatsapp at that time while Whatsapp was just going towards it’s peak with just few feature and it was exactly going for competing facebook before Mark bought it.

Here is the list of amazing features of Messengers which have totally have taken the markets value.

1.Messengers are getting faster and more secure than they were in starting.

2.Easily manages your entire contact number with in it’s self

3.Sending unlimited photos

4. Most of the messengers are now officially giving free basis for making Audio Calls.

5.Bunch of entertaining and expressive emotions and stickers.

6.Messengers are mostly multi-Language supportive.

7.Get know your message is seen by the recipicent

8.Easy to backup your entire text messages.

9.Whatsapp has now launched a unique feature of which you can share your exact current location using GPS (Global positioning system) which is already available in the current smartphones.This can also help the parents to get know the correct location of their child’s.

10.The current critical acclaimed Messenger SnapChat providing very entertaining feature such as users can send limited photos e.g they can set a timer of about 10 to less than 10 seconds and if the photo is set with a timer of 5 seconds than it will shortly get disappeared after 5 seconds respectively.

11.Even hike is also getting much fame in such manners that it can let users to send instant text messages without even using the “Internet” this feature is known as “Hike Direct”  e.g you are going to a trip on a bus with your colleagues so you will be able to converse with all of friend with in the area of a bus.It basically works with in a radius of 100 meters by using “Wifi direct” technology.Hike also provide unbeleivable features which let users to make voice call (Conference call) with up to “100” other hike users.. it is just simple outstanding.
Hike has mentioned on it’s official website that “More to come” so it simply means we are also going see more hilarious features from hike.[AdSense-B] In the era of this modern technology age where peoples are getting involved in the unique games,smartphones smart wear able such as Smartwatches and even we are going to have Oculus wear able technology which will let us to get involved into the imagination of a machine but after having these types of unique techs people around the world are still having their eye of necessity and entertainment towards the Virtual Messengers they are the biggest source of communication and most comfortable way for exchanging information in this age.


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