How and Where to Download Fast Torrent Safe Files

What is Torrent?

Torrent file is a computer file that contains data about files and folders to be distributed through the bit torrent program. BitTorrent is a communications protocol of peer-to-peer file sharing which is used to distribute data over the Internet.It is also a group of websites that deliver free data from movies to games, documents,books,music and many other things.torrent search

There is a torrent search engine ( like google is a search engine which helps you reach information related to anything you wish for,same as this the torrent search engine helps you search out any type of file you want to download from the internet. Example: You want to download a movie like The Revenant you will go to the torrent search engine and search it up this will afterwards show you all the websites that you can download this torrent from!

Is torrent safe?

Yes! Torrent is one of the safest way to download anything from the internet. The torrent sites are trusted and no virus or damaged files are found on the torrent sites. All of the content that they share over the internet is checked for any type of codes or viruses that would harm their users devices.

Is it Fast?

Of course it is! It is much faster then your conventional methods of downloading data from the internet probably using the browser to download the music,books,movies,etc..Which mostly downloads viruses with it which even if it doesn’t show anything will always slow your computer down according to my own experience now that i am used to using this Torrent I don’t use anything else.This for example: when you download through your browser the download speed is 50kb/s talking about average Pakistan Internet download speeds. But when you download the same data but through torrent if your net is 2mbps then it will give you an average download speed of around 180kb/s.

How and where to download torrents?

Torrent downloads use a software, this software makes it possible for you to download data faster, it somehow tries to get the most out of your internet speed.

Two of the most famous torrent software’s:

  • Bittorrent
  • Utorrent

These both software’s are available for free all over the internet and is totally a legal software.

After you get the software, use the site i told you ( this is the torrents search engine you search anything on it it’ll show you all the websites that have this data which you can download, right away you can press on the link which will take you to the torrent website.[AdSense-B]

Every torrent website is different with a different layout and a different design but what all of them have in common is the download torrent button, each and every site that supports torrent downloads will always have a button labeled (download torrent) this will download a small torrent file to your computer which is in Kb/s then you open that file and that will redirect you to your torrent software like Utorrent  after that it will ask you the location where you want to save the file and then your done! All you have to do is wait till the torrent finishes downloading!

I hope this article helped you.

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