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Eye Beam ek multimedia communicator hai jis ko CounterPath ne web user se communication k liye design kya hai.
X-Lite or Bria bhi CounterPath ki Applications hain jo fast speed or advance experience k liye use ki jati han isi liye us ki price bhi kafi zyada hai.Jab aap ek consumer ye small office me hoty hain to eyebeam aap ko voice,video,IM or is k other features k through connect kar k sub calls ko manage karta hai.Through it multi or coference calls can make and recieve quickly from pc2phone or phone2phone.Eyebeam 1.5 jo windows k liye design kya gya hai, Voice, video conference, instant message or buhut se other feature ko support karta hai.
Overall Eyebeam ki total services use ki ja sakti han agar aap k pas Voip ki facility ho jo local VoIp service provider se purchase ki ja sakti hai. Basically Voip service provider aap ko ek username or password dy ga jis k sath counterpath ki applications ko as a softphone use kar k globally call ki ja sakti han.
Mostly call centre White Ip k through worldwide communication k liye Eyebeam ya X-Lite hi use karty han.


1. Just open eyebeam.exe, install and run it.
2. Click at “Show menu>SIP Account setting>add
3. Account 1 properties opened here So just put Your display name (Dislay name shows the person you contact with)
4. VOIP Service Provider will provide a uniqe “Username, password, authorization username and domain name”.
5. Put all data and then apply.
6. Eyebeam will connect your Voip automatically and ready to use.
7. Call anywhere in the world where you want.
8. Call rates are apply different as for contries.

For more please Get complete user Guide.

There are many recognized Viop provider are at the globe like;
1. Vonage
2. Lingo
3. BroadVoice
4. Packet8
5. ViaTalk
6. VOipFone

In Pakistan VOIp service provider are also available like;
1. Mobilink
2. mytalktel
3. Atruetel

Now You Can Get X-Lite for advance experience.

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