Earn Up to 3000$ a Month By Traffic Exchange

I’ll be briefing you today about traffic monsoon it is a traffic exchange program that helps you earn 100$ to 3000$ a month!!

So this program, this website TRAFFICMOONSOON.COM helps you gain traffic on your website from views to clicks on your google adsense or any other ad programs the PTC (paid to click) or PTV (paid to view) programs and if you’re interested, It can also help you earn by investing 50$ in a system called ad packs, in this ad pack invest and earn scheme you invest 50$ and in an hour 55$ confirmed are paid back to you. This means a 5$ profit on every ad pack you buy and there is no limit you can buy a 100 to a 1000 ad packs no one would ask you.traffic monsoon

There are people I’ve seen who buy 100 ad packs in a single time a hundred ad packs mean 500$ profit, people are living off this program they take it as a job. This could be a lifetime opportunity for you to make your time productive.

I’ll teach you now for as a starter what you should do!!

First of all register into the site by the link I mentioned up there after that if you are a member at some ad program like (google adsense) and you just want clicks and views delivered to your website what you have to do is go to add site and add your site in it they will check up on your site it takes probably less then a minute and then accept it.

Then after that you need to go back to the main page and then see the red highlighted button on the top of the page right next to the logo, this button when you press it will take you through a series of other website of the other people who need views just like you for the sake of like i said it’s a traffic exchange program you give views you get equal views on your website for example if you go through 20 sites by going through those series of websites at each website you have to wait for 20 seconds after that the next one comes up so if you view 20 websites you will get 20 views after that you go back to the homepage and then go to my websites and add 20 views to your website this is one way to do it.

The other way to do is to pay to get views you can buy your views the amounts aren’t that big compared to the amount of views you get for example you get 2000 views for 5$. You can also buy clicks on your ads that are being shown on your website if you are using any ad programs like bing or google adsense they can too be earned either by clicking cash links (i will discuss them afterwards) for every ad you click you can get one click on your ad.

Cash links are ads you click on for every ad you click on you get a very small amount of money something around 0.1$ but what actually you get is a free click on your ad program on your website which pay you 3-4$ for every click.

Now I’ll actually tell you how to earn from trafficmonsoon program.[AdSense-B]

Note: you can’t earn without investing money in it!! however there is a 100% confirmed cash back with a 5$ profit.ad plans

So when it comes to ad packs what you have to do is go to the home page then click on the button that says “buy ad packs” that will ask you for your bank account information it supports paypal , payza and solid trust pay, after that you have to invest 50$ and an hour later it gives you 55$ back just for nothing I mean you did nothing you just have to invest and they give it back to you with a profit.earning report

I hope this article helps you to earn more and more!!

If you need any help, You can comment here or E-mail me.



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