Networking Topologies with Cable Wire Color Combination

Different devices ko aapis me connect karny se ek network create kiya jata hai, Or Kisi bhi network ko create karny k method ko Topology kehty han, Topology ki three types han.

1. Bus Topology:

Bus topology me ek straight wire k through PC ko connect kar diya jata hai, connector k tor par terminator use kiya jata hai. Is me problem ye hai k agar kisi jaga se wire break ho to breaking point se aagy or peechy sb PC disconnect ho jaen ge.

2. Tree Topology:

Tree topology me PC ko tree ya circle ki soorat me Rj45 k through connect kiya jata hai, is me bhi problem hai k kisi jaga se wire break ho jae to us k bad connection fail ho jae ga.

3. Star Topology:

Star topology me Rj45 k through Pc ko ek central device se connect kiya jata hai, Aaj kal networking k liye yehi method use kiya jata hai. Basically Central device ki three types han.

1. Hub:Ye ek broadcasting device hai yani agar data ek pc ko send kiya jae to sb k pas chala jae ga, basically is me koi software nai hai is liye koi security functions bhi nai han. Is me 5, 6, 12, 60 se 100 tk point hoty han.

2. Switch:Ye ek uni cast device hai, Is basic security function hoty han jis k through ek network design kiya ja sakta hai.

3. Router:Ye ek Multifunctional device hai yani is ko both as a switch or router use kiya ja sakta hai, Basically Router me software ki waja se security function use kar k ek secure network create kiya ja sakta hai. Routers ek network ko other network se connect karny k liye bhi use kiya ja sakta hai.

 Home or Office Network ko create kerny k liye Network Cable ki zaroorat parhti hai, jis ki Category 1 se le kar Category six tk aa chuki han jin me se ab cat5e(1000mb/s) or cat 6(2500mb/s) hi use hoti han.Network cable connector k through Central device ya PC se connect ki jati hai, Is me 8 mini wires ki combination kar k connector lgaya jata hai.

Network Wires Colour Combination:

There are two types of wire combination to put a connector at the end of the wire.

1. Straight Wire:

Ye cable different devices ko aapis me connect karny k liye use ki jati hai like; Modem to PC, Switch to PC, Router to switch etc. Is ko “Combination A” k mutabiq create kiya jata hai.

1. Orange white
2. Orange
3. Green white
4. Blue
5. Blue white
6. Green
7. Brown white
8. Brown

2. Cross Wire:

Ye cable same devices ko aapis me connect karny k liye use ki jati hai like; PC to PC, Switch to Switch etc. Is ko “Combination B” k mutabiq create kiya jata hai.

1. Green white
2. Green
3. Orange wihte
4. Blue
5. Blue white
6. Orange
7. Brown white
8. Brown

Both Cables k color combination set karny k bad in ko crimping tools se punch kiya jata, Is k testing k liye Cable Tester use kiya jata hai.

Please tell us, If you’ve any issue in Basic Network Topology or Cable Wire Color Combination.


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