5 BEST Hackers Of All The Time

Nowadays there are two types of hacker the one you see in Hollywood Movies who is an anti-social nerd who’s having a chip on his shoulder, he is out to dominate the cyber world by breaking in secure network sources, CCTV Cameras and mess up everything. Second, You’ve got a type of people just enjoy fiddling with the source codes and hardware gigs.

The Term”Hacker” can be referred to the second type. There are two types of hacker good hackers and bad hackers. Benevolent hackers are also called as white hat hackers and the more sinister ones are called black hat hackers.Image result for hacker

In this article I am going to discuss about these masters of black hat hacking and what happened to them for their recklessness

Jonathan James:                                                                          

famous hackers

Jonathan James was also known as “comrade” on the internet.he convicted and sent to prison for hacking in USA all while he was when at very young age only 15 at that time ha had managed to hack into number of networks which belonged to U.S Department of defense and NASA.

James hacked into NASA’s network and stole enough source code which is required to run Whole of International Space Station.The Total Value Of His Downloaded Assets was $1.7 million.to add insult to injury NASA has to shutdown Their network for almost three weeks while they continued to investigate the breach which cost them $41,000

Jonathan’s End was tragic.In 2007 many high profile companies fell victim into the network attacks by Jonathan denied any involvement he was suspected and investigated.But in 2008 he committed suicide he thought he would be punished for the crimes he hasn’t commited.

Kevin Mitnick

famous hackersMitnick’s journey in computer’s history has been so interesting the US Department of justice call him the “most wanted hacker of United States History” on his life two films have already been made.

After Serving a year in prison For hacking into a company called Digital Equipment corporation network, he was let out for 3 years for supervise release when that period was coming to end he fled and went on a 2.5 year hacking spree in which he was involved in breaching the national defense warning system and stealing corporate secrets.

Mitnick was then caught and sentenced for 5 years of prison after ending up with prison,he became a consultant and a public speaker for computer security and now he runs Mitnick Security consulting LLC

 Albert Gonzalez

Image result for albert gonzalezAlbert Gonzalez started to pave his way  to internet fame when he stole over 170 million credit card and ATM card numbers only in 2 years.that is almost half of United States Population. Gonalez Started his hacking career with a group known as shadow crew.this group and Gonzalez Stole almost 170 million card and ATM card numbers and started selling them online for earning money nice way by the way.Shadow crew also sell fraudulent passports, insurance cards, business cards and birth certficates for identify theft crimes totalling $4.3 million stolen.

The big bucks come after he hacked into the database of TJX Companies and heartland payment systems for their stored credit card and ATM card numbers but after that in 2010 he was arrested and sentenced to prison for 20 years .


Kevin Poulsen

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Kevin Poulsen who was also called “Dark Dante”,gained his 15 minutes of fame by utilizing his knowledge of telephone systems. he hacked a Radios stations phone lines and become himself the award caller and won a brand new porsche. media called him the”Hannibal Lecter of Computer Crime”.

He then paved his way to FBI most wanted hackers list when he hacked into federal systems and steal wiretap information, he was later captured in a supermarket and sentenced for 51 months of prison as well as paying a fine of almost $56000.

Like Kevin Mitnick he also change his life after being released from prison.he started his career as a journalist and he is now a senior writer on wired news,he also helped Law enforced to identify 744 offenders on Myspace.


Gary Mckinnon

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Gary Mckinnon was also known by his famous internet name “solo” by using this name he was able to do the biggest military computer hack of all time. he was accused of hacking into 97 United States military and Nasa for over a period of thirteen months form February 2001 to march 2002 at his Girlfriends Aunt’s house.

Gary Claimed that  he was just searching for the information related to the free energy suppression and cover up of the UFO activity he deleted number of critical files and rendering over 300 computers inoperable which was a big loss to the us military and NASA a loss of almost $700,ooo in damages.[AdSense-B]

He was of scottish descent and was operating out of the United Kingdom, so due to which he was able to dodge the us military and NASA for a time.Gary insulted military by posting on its website “Your Security is a Crap” and today he continues to fight against extradition of United States of America.



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