3 Golden Rules to Improve Your Rechargeable Battery Performance

Personal Mobile Devices (PMDs) and other battery operated electronics are getting more and more ubiquitous. This means that our reliance on the batteries are increasing day by day. And, in areas of Karachi where the frequent power outages are a part of routine life, good battery backup is necessary for such devices. So here we cover three very basic but golden rules to ensure that you keep on extracting the juice out of your battery for longer period of time. These rules may not be new for you, so if you are already well acquainted with these points, then it is a good idea to just refresh your memory.Avoid Battery Discharge into the lowest point

1. Avoid Deep Discharging:

Deeply discharging the battery badly hurts its storage capacity. One of the primary reasons behind the early damage of the battery is frequently discharging it to its minimum. Actually, when a battery is deeply discharged, it becomes depleted with charges or electrons. To compensate for this lack of charges, there occurs even more ionization. This, in turn, disturbs the overall electro-chemical reactions inside the battery. And if this process is repeated time and again, then at one stage the battery loses its recharging capability once and for all.

2. Avoid overcharging:

Consider your battery as a water tank. You start to pour water in it. After sometime it will be filled with water. But if you keep on pumping water in it, then the excessive water will eventually overflow from the tank. Similarly, when your battery is out of charge, it is like an empty tank. When you connect it with charger, it starts pumping charges in it. Since, the charges cannot overflow from the battery, so if you keep on pumping the charges inside your rechargeable battery, it will seriously damage the electro-chemicals present inside it. [AdSense-B]

Batteries get swelled up and lose their charge storing capability forever if overcharged regularly. So, if you use your laptops while keeping them constantly plugged in, or you put your cellphone on charging while going to bed and it remains this way over night, then it is the time that you should change your habit and put a bit attention towards the proper charging of your rechargeable batteries. If your laptop’s or cellphone’s battery is showing that it has achieved 100% charge, then simply plug it off from the charger.

3. Avoid Frequent Under Charging:

As overcharging is a killer to the battery performance, so is the undercharging. You may have seen some people who are in so much hurry that they never charge their phone to its 100% capacity. If this practice is done regularly, then after sometime, the battery kind of memorizes this point and sets itself to this undercharged potential, which means that your cellular phone would show a 100% charged battery but in actual it will be having lesser charge stored, say 60% charge of its total capacity.

This situation occurs more frequently in laptops or cell phones which are regularly kept undercharged for longer duration.

Concluding Thoughts:

Rechargeable batteries are not meant to last forever. They will definitely age in a couple of years. But the above mentioned bad practices tend to speed up the aging process and negatively impact the battery performance. Maintaining a healthy charge – discharge cycle can improve the battery life and performance. Avoid heavy overcharging, frequent undercharging and deep discharging to extract more useful juice out of your batteries.

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