Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download Full Version

When it comes to the best server operating systems, Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 is considered one of the best on the list. No doubt, being a famous software company, Microsoft never let any of its software products to disappoint the needs of its user. The windows server 2016 is all you need to experience a smart, modern, and interactive server operating system to achieve the goals on the advanced level. Here you can get Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download Full Version.

Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download

Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download:

The best thing you can find in Windows Server 2016 is the taste of Microsoft’s latest and advanced operating system, which is none other than the Windows 10. Oh yes, using the server 2016 will not make you feel different when you switch from the windows 10. Further, working with this version of windows server, you are not just using a server operating system. All because it’s simply more than just providing you a typical server experience.

Windows Server 2016 Full Version Review:

Windows Server 2016 has made to fit the requirement of a modern user. That is, it includes a bunch of new features which is required in today’s server systems. Moreover, it has been added with a series of new features which provides a sweet taste of Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 10.

Windows Server 2016 Full Version Features:

The followings information explains the numbers of smart & new features included in Windows server 2016.

Windows Server 2016 UI:

Talking about the UI first, windows server 2016 brings a better appearance than its predecessor. If you are a user of the latest Windows 10, then you’re going to love working with your server on a futuristic and responsive user interface.

The best things among all are the return of the start menu in the server 2016 which lacked in the server 2012. All in simple words, working with Windows Server 2016 is just like experiencing the all-new Windows 10.

Thus, windows server 2016 will not feel you as a confused system; all it brings an updated UI of Windows 10, which you might be using right now.

Microsoft Windows Defender:

Windows Server 2016 is built-in with a Microsoft’s anti-virus program called windows defender. Apart from providing basic anti-virus protection, windows defender additionally comes with a windows server anti-malware feature which is enabled by default. That means you are not needed to worry about searching an anti-virus program and spending your money in a license key.

Active Directory Federation Services:

Hearing this for the first time? Well ADFS is a software component developed to provide users with single sign-on access to systems and apps located organizational boundaries. More specifically, it helps to authenticate users stored in non-AD directories.

In simple words, it’s a must-have modern security feature which adds up additional safety to the server 2016.

Remote Desktop Services:

Windows Server 2016 allows its users letting other IT specialist accessing to their system with strict rules. However, it’s not the first time when a version of windows server is consist of this feature, but the server 2016 comes with much better RDS which even supports OpenGL 4.4 and Opens 1.1. Moreover, it is also improved using performance and stability improvements; multi-point service role.

Hence, this secure RDS makes it quite easy for the users handling complex tasks in your system.

Web Application Proxy:

WAP is remote access software that provides reverse proxy capability which lets users outside a corporate network to access web apps hosted on the internal corporate network.

Failover Clustering:

Also known as High-availability clusters, Failover clusters are a group of computers that support server application that can be reliability utilized with a minimum amount of down-time


Hyper-V is a windows server virtualization which helps to create virtual machines on x86-64 machines running Microsoft windows. More specifically, it assists the user to create and run a software version of a computer known as a virtual machine.

Some of the features Hyper-V in windows server 2016 include:

  • Rolling Hyper-V cluster update
  • Connected standby compatibility
  • Storage quality of service (QoS)
  • Production checkpoints
  • Linux secure boot
  • RDMA compatible virtual switch

Nano server:

It is a stripped-down version of Windows server which is developed by Microsoft for running cloud applications and containers. In simple words, the Nano server bypasses the graphical user interface of the operating system and provides the server features in a basic command-line interface. That makes the Windows server 2016 to run faster without consuming additional resources.

Thus, to experience a speedy server experience, Nano server is built-in with the server 2016 to make your job efficient than before.

Other Features in Windows Server 2016 Full Version:

  • DHCP
  • DNS client
  • DNS server
  • Storage services (allows to create simple files share)
  • IIS 10 support for HTTP/2
  • IP address management
  • Windows PowerShell 5.1
  • Network controller Hyper-V network virtualization

Windows Server 2016 System Requirements:

Thankfully, windows server 2016 is capable of running on a typical system without requiring expensive hardware. More specifically, if your PC can run Windows 10, then it means you can easily use server 2016 in it.

The following information briefly explains what your computer must have to run windows server 2016 smoothly.


The followings are the minimum system requirements for Windows Server 2016:

Processor: 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor

RAM: 512 MB

Storage: 32 GB

Network: Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter, 1Gbps connection would be best.

Optical storage: DVD drive (only when you install windows server from DVD)


The followings are the recommended system requirements for Windows Server 2016:

Processor: 3.0 GHz 64-bit processor


Storage: 32 GB

Network: Gigabit (10/100/1000baseT) Ethernet adapter, 1Gbps connection would be best.

Optical storage: DVD drive (only when you install windows server from DVD)

Other system requirements for Windows Server 2016:

  • When installing windows server 2016 from DVD media, you should check if the disc is inserted correctly.
  • Your system also needs a UEFI 2.3.1c-based system.
  • Graphic device.
  • Trusted Platform Module.
  • Mouse/ Keyboard
  • Internet connection
  • Firmware (Supporting secure boot)

Windows Server 2016 Standard Free Download Full Version:

Windows server 2016 Free Download Full Version is available so that you can download from direct link here;

Click to download


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