Why You Should Must Upgrade To Windows 10

Microsoft windows is the leading Operating System for Cheap, branded or unbranded personal computers and is now widely available for tablet computing environment. Windows 10 is also getting fine reviews for Windows 10 for Smartphone’s Windows is widely famous for its friendly environment and everything what users need in their personal computer. Every windows user can have ability to run most of the Games, Software’s which can be open source or can be third-party software’s and most of the unique Apps are only available for Windows. It has been always on number on since it was launched by the name of “windows 1.0” which changed the black DOS era to the new GUI (Graphic User Interface).Like there is Microsoft windows on the top of operating system Personal Computers market share.14194422_637221429784727_897995608_n

Windows 10 comes up with new security fixes and the entire feature what windows 8.1 was lack of. It is fast, beautiful operating system that Microsoft has ever made yet.

so as like that the latest and advanced version of the new “Windows 10” is considered to be not only the best version of Microsoft Windows even the best Operating System for Laptop or Desktop computers on this planet.

Start Menu is back

Like there was good news in 1995 for the announcement of the new helpful start menu for the Windows 95 users were getting a lot advantages through it. Since it was replaced in the Windows 8 and 8.1 with “Disappointed” experience and lack of easiness and features.

Start Menu is now available on Windows 10 more with these new features.

Windows 8’s beauty with windows 7’s smartness.

The new Start Menu shows the most useful apps and their updates in itself with large colored squared boxes.

Users will not have to scroll much to find their “Life at a glance”

Most Used

Now your most used apps can be easily viewed in a single start menu only you have to click on “Start” and just there are your apps what you want.

File explorer

You will no more have to move toward the My Computer start menu is built in with the “File Explorer” with more accuracy and less problem with “Pinned” and “Frequent” feature like never before

All Apps over the all new Start Menu

There is a button on start menu “All Apps” it contains the all of the built-in or your installed apps in just single it shows Apps with “Numbers” and “Alpha bate” both Start Menu with “Recently Added” Apps feature.

Innovation like never before

Windows 10 users are smarter than other they do not have to move to the browser the new “Search web and Windows”

Whenever you’ll click this feature will always blow your mind

This innovative feature is available on the Task bar and over the best place to use it.

It is the most advance searching and Browsing tools with the features like

Settings, Apps, Windows app store, Documents, Pictures, Files, Music and even the World Wide Web

For example if you type “Sameer”

It will show you the every single piece of information related to the word sameer with category wise such as My Stuff and Web it even shows the “search engines suggestion for the typed query”

This helps the Researchers and Student for their Project to get in Touch with

Internet and their whole Computer or Laptop.

Task View

The task view feature is same as you have seen in the iron man movie where Tony Stark manages his system in single view.

Windows 10 let us to view all running Windows and let us to access them in seconds.

All you need is just to click on Task View button which is situated in the best place as well as on the taskbar.

Internet from internet explorer to Microsoft Edge.

We are all seeing Internet Explorer since it was launched in 1995 for Windows 95 it was well since the time of Windows XP as the Internet Explorer 6 was ruling the Market Share of Browsers worldwide but after the entry of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and with their new Tabbed browsing and new Extensions and Add-ons feature and those years were exactly the worst time for Internet Explorer.

But Microsoft releases the all new and smart Browser “Microsoft Edge” with some editing qualities that none of the browser have.

Reading View: This feature gives the user the relaxed feeling and is best for reading Articles it avoids all of the ads and the other data of internet and shows you just what you want to read by just scrolling through your keyboard.

All you need is to just to click on the button or by the shortcut “CTRL+SHIFT+R”.

Write over the WebPages

Microsoft Edge provide it users the facility to write over any Webpage found over the internet. It let its users to convert a Webpage into a desired page. Users can edit to get more ease in study and research and can make their own Notes from the webpage.

Pen Feature: This feature let users of Microsoft Edge to write on the webpage’s just like a Pen. It is available with 12 common colors with three different sizes. It can be used through mouse pointer, touch control through your finger on any touch device.

Highlighter Feature: Like in reach world we use the Highlighter to Highlight our main Sentence or important Statement just like that Microsoft Edge comes up with the Highlighter to Highlight the any part of the Webpage with 6 common colors and three different shapes and sizes just like the same Highlighter you have been using yet.

Eraser Feature: Microsoft Edge is having a “Smart Eraser” that works to only remove the “Editing” or “Highlighting” you did on the Webpage. It does not erase the original content of a Webpage and having a button to “Clear all the ink”

Put your own Notes over the Webpage.

The users of Microsoft Edge can put unlimited notes on any part of the Webpage. All you need is to just click on “Add a typed note” and just click on desired location on the Webpage and Start writing over it.

The “Clip” feature

The Clip feature let the Microsoft Edges users to Select and Copy the desired and important part of the Webpage directly. All you need is to just click on the button of “Clip” and select the desired part of the Webpage using mouse pointer or through Touch and it will be copied within seconds.

To save a Web-Note

User can save your edited, Highlighted or other editing to your PC by just click on “Save Web-Note” button and you can access your edited Webpage any time.

Share the Edited Webpage

Microsoft Edge can also share the edited Webpage to the app which is capable of “Sharing” such as Microsoft One-note it also let its users to send the edited webpage through the Internet from the Software’s which is capable of Sharing files over the internet.

The all new Drive “OneDrive”

From the past years users were storing their Data on the Disk drives this method is having two main problems that the data in the drives can be affected with the Virus and the second is that cannot provide “Unlimited” data storage.

So Microsoft Windows 10 comes up with the whole new OneDrive from Web to your “Virtual Disk”.

All you need is just to get logged in and you can Drag-Drop, copy or cut paste any type of your file on it.

OneDrive comes up with “15” GB free storage.

15 GB is good but you can even make it almost unlimited by Subscribing to other packages.

Pin the Website on the “Start”

This feature is amazing and best for the Windows 10. It let the users of Microsoft Edge to Pint the Webpage or Website to the start menu. It features options such as “Live View” means you can watch the Webpage or the Website which you have pinned to the start menu “Running like GIF image” like other Apps are showing you inside of them.[AdSense-B]

All you need is to just click on the (…) three dotted button of Setting and just click on “Pin to start”

Now you can check on the start menu by scrolling the scroll bar.
Fastest Operating System Ever

Windows 10 uses less amount ram than other Windows it uses less Visual glass and transparent view and less high colors than this unique idea reduces the burden of the Processes to the RAM and let Windows to open the Apps much faster the other previous Windows.

Enhanced “Windows Explorer”

Windows explorer features the new environment of viewing your Computer it shows the more easiness such as “Frequent Folders” which are the folders you have used the most in your personal computer and “Recent Files” of your PC like never before.

After seeing these features I hope you are going to get upgrade your OS to Windows 10.

Tayyib Ahsan

Tayyib Ahsan is an Entrepreneur and Freelance technology writer because he has utilized technology in his whole life. His passion is to help people in all aspects of Online Shopping and Marketing to gain success in their life. In addition, He also offers E-Currency Exchange Services for Individuals and Companies worldwide. You can find Ahsan on Twitter and Facebook.

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