How to Localize Your App to Get More Users?

Did you know that localizing mobile app can increase your app users and downloads?

When was the last time you downloaded an app written in Arabic? Or Japanese? If you are a native Hindi or English speaker, the answer is clear “Never” right! Similarly, if the app you built exists only in English language, there are likely billions of users around the globe who can’t make use of it, or even find it in their app store. Did you know that the iOS mobile apps that are in English Language could reach just 10% of the world? There are 4.1 billion people speaking the top 20 languages globally, and out of that only 335 million people speak English.

Apple app store is now available in more than 150 countries and in 40 different languages. You should benefit from this global audience and prepare your apps to reach new users.

If you are looking for a strategy that you can use to localize your app and reach global audience or increase downloads, then this article can be very much useful, because I am going to include the strategy, tools and tricks that you can use to increase yours downloads.

  1. Identify Target Language and Country and Locales: This is very important step in order to localize your app. It includes identifying the countries where you will launch and distribute your apps and the language spoken there. For international reach out you can manage your app in three main categories:

-And language

To localize your mobile app, you must adapt it to a country and its language.

  1. Use Translation professional services: Never try to save money and used free google translation service to localize your app.  If you do this, you may be setting yourself up for some a huge mistake as the machine translation for your primary method of translation is not regarded as a good solution as the results may not be accurate. Hence, be sure to work with professional translation service to get best results. Here is few sample list of professional translation services you can use for your mobile app localization;
  • OneSky
  • iCanLocalize
  • Babble On
  1. App Store Optimization: App store optimization is a method to rank high your app in app stores. ASO is a must if you want to reach new users in foreign countries. To optimize your app, your first adapt is.
  • App Title and Description
  • Keywords
  • Video & Screenshots 

Localization is not an easy task “However, ‘no pain no gain’.”

Author Bio: Ashish Sharma is Key Account Management, Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech –  Mobile App Development Company in India. Focused on helping enterprises &StartUps– from domestic to MNCs.


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