Top 8 Popular Bloggers Of Pakistan 2016

Blogging is one of the most best profession of the world and every youngster is doing it.The Students and many youngsters can make money by blogging with their nice article skills.Blogging is one the best profession of the world in this profession anyone create a website and earn money and when you start you’re independent earning but after  some time you can create you own world of blogging and also your big empire of blogging.Our Country Pakistan have also created many professional bloggers.

So Now Today We Are Going to discuss the top 10 bloggers.Let Me Tell You More About it.

In Our  Next Post We Will Tell You the top 12 Indian bloggers.Now the next post will come soon hope so you’ll like it and tell us what do you think about it.We Will also share their earnings detail with you hope so you’ll like it.

By Which Criteria We Have Mentioned These Bloggers?

The Criteria Is That:

  • Blogger Should Be A Pakistani and must be living in The Pakistan Those Bloggers Who are From Pakistan but living in Other Countries are not included. 
  • Alexa World Page Rank Or Pakistan Rank Must Be At Least 100k.
  • Google Page Rank Should Be At Least 10.
  • Blog Or blogger Must Be Earning At Least $500 Per Month with the help of his blogs.
  • Depending on their blog topics
  • Google Adsense Network Should BE Enabled.

The Last Point Of Our Criteria Of(Adsense) You Should Be Thinking Why I Have Added This Because We Want To Know Their Estimate Earning So Therefore we had to add adsense in this post.Moreover in this list some bloggers are also earning form the Buysellads Network (BSA).Moreover the major point is The Blogger should be Pakistani and living in Pakistan.

Top 8 Bloggers Of The Pakistan:

1# Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai Of (MBT)

Muhammad Mustafa Zai OF Is One Of  The Best Blogger In Pakistan It Is ranked #1 in our list he is the only pakistani blogger Which is having a registered company in pakistan known as”STC Network”.Muhammad Mustafa Started It’s Blogging career in 2008 Using A Platform Which All The Youngsters Are Mostly Using Blogger.He Was Doing This Work Hourly Then After some time blogging was its passion.Mustafa Is Now Having 5 Employees.He Has Developed Many Cool Themes And Widgets For The Newbies And The Most Important He Is A SEO Expert.He IS Currently Living In The Largest City Of Pakistan Karachi.He Is A Adsense Publisher And He Is Aso Earning With The Buysellads Network And By Product Reviews.But He Is Handing Is Cliens All Over The World.

Mustafa’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:6400
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:5
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Mustafa:80495
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$12,000
  • Google Page Rank:5

#2 Naved Javed of

Naved Javed is also a young blogger from Karachi,Pakistan He Started His Bloogging Career  By A Very Famous Blog On Internet Known As In 2008,And He Do Hard Work And His Blog Reached AT The Top Of The Blogs Of The World And What now he is earning thousands of dollars with this single blog.So this guy got #2 position in our top 10 bloggers list.His Bog Is A Very Common Type Of A Blog Such as windows,ipads,iphones and many android applications e.t.c.And You Al People Would be thinking about his earning methods so the earning methods are google adsense,Buysellads,Tribal Fusion Ads.We Should Pray For This Guy To Have A Bright Future.

Naved’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:9349
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:2012
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Naved:2900
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$10,000
  • Google Page Rank:6

Ali Qayyum is one the young and passionate blogger of pakistan.His Blog Smashinghub Is A Very nice blog its main topic is about Latest technologies of the world i.e Apps,Web deveopment,windows And Social Media e.t.c.He Created His Blog In 2009 A Funny Thing For You Peope Because Before This The Boggers Were From 2008.He Is Graduate Blogger From Lahore From Comsats Unversity.He Has Two More Blogs that are also very well known Blog And have a good reputation online.He Got the Number 3 In Our List.He Is Using Google Adsense And Buy Sellads Nework To Earn Money.We Should Also Pray For Him.

Qayyum’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:14,469
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:1707
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Qayyum:2064
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$9,000
  • Google Page Rank:5

The face of Hassam Ahmad Awan a very smiley face He lives in Islamabad Pakistan and doing blogging for several years.He Is Earning Money By A Successful Blog known as Is Mainly Living in Islamabad And earning money from adsense and Blog has a good reputation and his blog is being ranked all over the world and also in pakistan.His Blog Topics is blogging tutorials suh as blogger,wordpress,blogger widgets and seo.We Wish Him Best Of luck.

Hassam’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:37415
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:919
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Hassam:338
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$2,000
  • Google Page Rank:4

#5 Ahmad Awais Of

The Handsome Face you Are looking Is Ahmad Awais Of He Is From Lahore he is having a beautiful blog.He Has A Great computer skills and many graphic skills.His blog is one of the biggest and high ranking blog of pakistan.he is young man and can do more so that he would be on #1.He Is Currently Using Google Adsense And Affiliates Marketing To Earn Money In Pakistan.

Ahmad’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:37415
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:919
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Ahmad:338
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$2,000
  • Google Page Rank:4

Mr Syed Faizan Ali Is One The Passionate Blogger Of Pakistan,He Started His Blogging Career In 2011 And He Is Now One Of The Professional Blogger Of Pakistan.He Got To#6 In Our List Becuase He Had Done Too Much Hard Work And Reached Here In A Very Less Time.His Blog Is One Of The Most Popular Blog Of Pakistan It Provides Blogger Widgets,Templates And Many Tips About blogging.His One More Blog Which Is Too Much Popular Known As Which Provides Very Nice Blogger Template And Some Templates Of The Site Are Designed By Himself.He Is Currently Living In Karachi,Pakistan He Is Currently Earning Money With Buysellads And Google Adsense And Many Affiliates.

Syed’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:13247
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:436
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Syed:379
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$1,500
  • Google Page Rank:2

Rehmat Alam Is Another Famous blogger from pakistan He’s Got #7 In Our List Of The Top 10 Pakistani Blogger. He Is Student Currently living in Giligit,Pakistan.He Had A Blog Known As Supportive Hands And He Is Very Nice Blogger his blog provides many tutorials,widgets,templates and much more you’ll find many topic related to blogger and wordpress And Many tutorials related to Web designing.His bog has a nice ranking around the world and also in pakistan.He Is Very Good At Writing The Articles Therefore his blog is famous.

Rehmat’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:19551
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:410
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Rehmat:266
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$800
  • Google Page Rank:4

Mohsin Ali Waheed Is One Of the most passionate Blogger of Pakistan he is a talented Guy.He Is Now Living In Islamabad.He Has A Website That You Have Visit Many Times Known As an his new website is Website Is Providing Many Valuable Things To Learn.He Is Ranke #8 In Our List,He Is Using Asense In His Websites.

Mohsin’s Blog Ranking And Earning:

  • Alexa World Rank Is:166K
  • Pakistani Alexa Rank:18000
  • Alexa Backlinks Of Mohsin:66
  • Estimated Blog Earning:$1000
  • Google Page Rank:1


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