The Best Desktop Computer PCs of 2016

Despite the desktop PCs have become quite rare these days due to the undisputed reign of laptops and tablet PCs over the market, yet their significance can’t be underestimated. Though there have emerged a variety of companies manufacturing and introducing hundreds of laptops yet the popularity of the desktop PC has not diminished. Many well-known companies like Apple, Dell, Lenovo and many more are still manufacturing top-notch desktop computers with extra added performance and nonparallel power for the techies who want to enjoy the scalability along with an pcs 2016

Many proponents of the desktop PC are of the view that the non-portability of these machines makes their room’s environment much more clean and tidy. If we also come towards the laptops then there will be snacks and wrappers everywhere inside the room. Their point of view is not wrong. We know that a portable computer can be used anywhere in the room or at home and if you are watching a movie you will definitely be having some snacks with you. Here in this article, we will be introducing to our readers some of the best PC you can buy in 2016 and enjoy the performance and elegance simultaneously.

1. Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display:

Powered by an Intel core i5 processor, with Intel Iris Graphics of about 5100 and a Ram ranging from 4 to 16GB, this power machine is a complete muscle studio capable of crunching many applications thrown its way. IMac has always remained quite simple yet attractive in its outlook and incredibly fast in its internal hardware. The speakers in this machine are installed within the screen and it comes with a pair of wireless mouse and keyboard in order to save you from much hustle while using the computer. It comes with an economic price tag of about $1,365 and has a screen of about 21 inches.

2. Dell Inspiron 3000:

Powered by an Intel core i3 processor and an amazing design which gives it a unique rock hard look, is designed by the most popular manufactures; Dell Inc. It’s core i3 comprises 8GB Ram along with 1TB HDD storage where as its core i5 counterpart comes with a quadcore i5 processor with ultra performance features at an economical price tag of about $350. People get attracted to Dell machines due to their rough yet durable hardware and smooth software. The inspiron 3000 series is termed as the mini-tower backed with extra performance and impeccable graphics.

3. Apple Mac Mini:

Being considered as the cheapest mac built so far, this mini machine seems quite compact yet is packed up with ultra performance features. It gives the customer a luxury to enjoy the whole setup as that of a normal desktop Mac computer yet the price tag is quite low. It comes with a core i5 processor and 8Gb of RAM and a price tag of just $425 overall.





The computers we have mentioned above are the best computers one can ever buy if the power and elegance is what we are talking about. Without any further ado, get yourself a desktop PC and revive the experience of using a computer to the fullest.


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