Online Shopping Made Life Easier of Poeples in Pakistan

We’ve totally changed the way we used to shop. Within couple of years, online shopping has dominated over the conventional shopping and has become the ultimate solution to buy any product whenever needed. We can purchase anything online without ever leaving our living rooms. The widespread adoption of technology in the form of smartphones with the acceptance of 3G & 4G services among users under a low price, provided by telecommunication companies, the number of retailers offering products online has created a kind of shopping revolution.Online shopping, an adoption by shoppers that has happened remarkably quick have provided us the comfort to relax in our homes and purchase

Why Online Shopping has gained popularity among Customers?

Online shopping offers an immense choice of various products. Retailers with brick-and-mortar stores have limited number of products to display for their customers.On top of that a huge amount of investment is required to build a store or a shop in the mall. Internet retailers lead the market place, having an edge of low capital investment. They simply need a picture and a detail description in the form of text to market their product for consumers.

Online shopping is preferred for offering countless advantages for consumers. It is easy to choose and shop for your products as retailers like Zambeel make the product range easy to choose from the website. Zambeel is an online shopping website that offers a huge collection of men and women apparels, accessories, home & kitchen appliances, electronic items, laptops, smartphones and much more.  An infinite collection of the product within affordable price ranges make it easy to shop from the website. There is no need to bother with opening and closing hours, pushy sales staff, traffic jams, parking your vehicles, rush in the mall and many more problems that accompany for a shopping trip, ruining your precious time. Online shopping provides you a hassle-free experience and you can choose from anywhere in the world. It seems to be a Golden era of shopping.

The Bright Future of Online Shopping in Pakistan

E-commerce sector in Pakistan holds a net worth of $60 million and it is expected to cross $1 billion mark by the end of the year 2020. Currently, a massive increase is observed in E-commerce sectors with 2000+ online shopping portals available in Pakistan for consumers to shop.

No matter, the inflation is impacting the economic climate of the country, restricting the spending power of consumers, but the above project stats depicts that the amount spent to shop online will keep increasing every year. It’s a fact that if the online shopping opted by consumers rises, then the amount of money spent while shopping on conventional stores and other household sectors will begin to decrease. In that case, high street retailers, multinational chains, malls and shops will face a negative impact. The only solution for big retailers to survive is to maintain and sell their products online via websites.[AdSense-B]

Of course, online shopping won’t completely eliminate its physical counterpart. There are still specific areas and products that we prefer to buy and select from a shop or mall. But we won’t see a decline or an exit, and online shopping has deeply penetrated in our lives, gaining a new high in an efficient manner with each passing day.


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