Liberty Reserve banned

Recently I was  joined the world payment processor which known as “Liberty Reserve“. Some times ago it was called that Liberty Reserve is a secure payment processor of the world that’s why its buying & selling price is maximum than others but now the most secure payment processor is banned.

6 men, jin me liberty reserve ka founder arthur budovsky bhi shamil hai,un ko Liberty moneyarrest kar lya gya hai kyun k un par money ki khurd burd ka alzaam hai.According to USA Court wo kuch esy countries or persons ko bhi money transfer karty thy jin ko America ne  ban kya tha.
Liberty Reserve was established in 2006 at Costa Rica and Now about one million people were using it. It is possible to send or receive digital currencies (dollar or euro etc) anywhere in the world through the Liberty Reserve.

2006 se 2013 tk liberty ne  6 billion dollar se zyada money restricted countries me banned people ko send ki hai.Liberty was Suspected by USA authorities because of its criminal activity.
The server of Liberty Reserve become totally shutdown So the people who have their account at liberty, are worried about their payments.I have also $200 in my LR account and I try to contact LR Responsibilities but un se to contact e nahi ho raha.Esi situation me I think LR ko ban howe abhi zyada time nahi howa Is liye kisi Software k through money ko transfer kya ja sakta hai, Jo banned websites ko open kar deta ho.

I’m searching to recover and invite you to give your suggestion to recover maximum payments of Nice people.


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