In 2017 our phone’s camera will have advanced AR technology

The camera of the phones got upgrade when the new era of phones began with the complete touch screen. As compared to the old buttoned phones, the cameras of the touch phones upgraded with more Mega-Pixels and other new features and technologies.

The cameras are now able to capture more quickly than before, multiple shots, auto focus technology and even the cameras are now able to detect the smile of all of the peoples who are in the eye of the camera.augmented reality technologyMany of the phones such as iPhone 7 Plus are having two cameras on their back for more better and clear images just like we humans see the world more openly with our two eyes.

The world has upgraded the camera with more possibilities in the past years. The tech companies are working for getting more work and possibilities through the camera of the phones.

One of the greatest technologies in the camera is “Argument Reality”.

You might have seen or used Oculus VR or Rift which are one of the biggest examples of future’s virtual reality. But comparing VR with the Argument Reality, the VR is expensive and requires getting on your head while AR (Argument Reality) is always with the person who has a Smartphone.

It only requires a camera.

Pokémon Go games is one of the latest and successful example or Argument Reality where you place your phones camera and see hundreds of Pokémon’s each in different places which is actually not available in real life.

Google Tango is the well known technology for the cameras for the purpose of more advanced Argument Reality which can’t be experienced through normal phone’s cameras.

The Phab2 of the Lenovo is a phone with Google’s Tango technology built-in in it. The phone is great because of Tango, but the phone isn’t worth to buy.

The Tango uses Depth Sensing Technology to let the camera to do more special things.

The normal phone can too show you Argument Reality, but the Tango technology for cameras is smart as it can scan the whole room in 3D, with Tango you can scan your classroom, drawing room etc and it even let you know about the larger spaces of the room.

But it’s not able to scan large areas and even things which are far in the room. You will have to get close to scan.

There are many peoples who cannot figure out the difference b/w the common AR and the Tango’s advanced Argument Reality.

We showed some of the thing on the Google Tango to peoples such as a cat drinking milk on the bed, a lion roaring in the kitchen etc. The reaction of the peoples was “We have seen these types of reality before too” they were actually talking about the Pokémon Go as they were thinking that we have seen Pikachu in our bed or kitchen too in our common phone.

Still Tango is better because it can be used for great purposes and one of the best ideas about Tango is that it can be used for “Testing our own experiments for adding change in drawing rooms such as adding new furniture’s such as sofa or a dining table”.[AdSense-B]

With Google Tango technology we a test new decoration without picking or dragging them to the room.

Soon in 2017 many companies are going to release their new phones with Tango’s or their own special AR technology.

Let’s see how great will be that.


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