How to Get more Views on YouTube Videos

Some days before when I was going through my email, I checked a buddy email. Who said “I created a new channel on YouTube, and I also uploading more useful videos, but I cannot manage to earn at least 50 views a day. So, if you also suffering from this problem, read my whole because in this article we’ll talk about how can you grow your YouTube channel and also generate views for your YouTube videos.

In this article we will talk about YouTube channel. You created most useful videos for your viewers but still you cannot get good traffic. So, I will describe what you need to do to get more views on your YouTube channel as well as on you videos too. To grow your channel, the basic fundamental is based on three factors.


When someone will find your video then, you’ll get views and in order when someone views your video after that someone take chance to share your videos.optimize your videos

How audience find your videos?

This is the very important and basic fundamental as well. As a VLOGGER, everyone wants to popular their videos with the base of almost all keywords that related to their content. For that thing we have some tips that you should follow as for good results for your YouTube channel and videos.


Title is really important for any video So, you have to find most popular “title” with the base of your content video and you should use your title as a keyword. You can find titles or keywords with the help of Google Adwords and in YouTube search bar too. Let’s imagine, you created a video about how to create a website, So you can search in YouTube “how to create a website” and hit enter. And finally look at first video title. If the first video title will become “How to make a free website”, you should implement that title in your own video, But don’t paste same title. You can change little more than and set your title like “How to make a free website for free – by your channel name” or others. But bear in mind don’t use title more than of 60 characters nor make your title too simple. Most of people name their title as “funny videos”. What funny videos? Nobody will watch that videos you should also describe some of that video in the title.


Option number 2 is description. In your videos put very inspirational description and very long description too. You can maximally type 5,000 character description in your video. This is not that we just leave the area of Description. When I watch any videos some time I see people does not write description for their videos. Basically if you searched for a query like “make money online”. If in the title that text not present but available in description then, still that video appear that has make money online text in description, Even that text not present in that title.


More than everything, the important thing is your thumbnail with your title and description too. If you search for a keyword like how to create a website, on YouTube there will more thumbnail available mean feature image. If we compare above both image with each, many of you want to click on first thumbnail or feature image. Because above image created by software and if you create anything with software you have to make anything with diligently.
[AdSense-B] You can also choose default thumbnail, Which Mean, if you upload your videos on YouTube, by default only three thumbnail appear there and you can choose any one of them, But my recommendation don’t use that and make your own thumbnail, use Photoshop and also use other graphic designing software like this. Basically the first thing is that attraction as first impression is the last. Suppose when you see at a girl. The very first thing you want to find on them is their beauties on face. Same like that thumbnail also work in the same way.


Options number three. This is really helpful, useful and very effective too. You can share your videos on various social networks. You can make your own Facebook page, group you can also share into your Facebook timeline. Beside of’ You can share your videos on Twitter, LinkedIn, you can join Facebook’s group and also can share your videos on them. You can make your own website and embed your videos on them. So, by these tricks you can manage to generate at least 100 view a day.

Hope it’ll helpful for you.

Thanks for reading this article and must share in your social networking sites. Bye for next time.



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