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Grand Theft Auto 5 is an open world, action adventure video game. GTA 5 was developed by ROCKSTAR North and finally published by ROCKSTAR Games. GTA 5 was released on 17 September, 2013 for only PlayStation 3 and for Xbox 360 and day by day Grand Theft Auto promoted more and more on these both devices so; ROCKSTAR North took second step to developed GTA V for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One as well. And finally Grand Theft Auto 5 released for Computer in 14 April, 2015. Only in first day after GTA 5 released ROCKSTAR NORTH earned $800 million and on third day after its released date they earned $1 Billion. Mean they became billionaires less than a week. So, how they did? Let’s elaborate GTA V in details.Computer GTA 5

GTA V can play with on both views via 3rd person and 1st person as well. In Grand Theft Auto 5 we can play with various three characters and all of them play a protagonist’s role all around the mission in this game, called GTA 5. You also can play GTA V on both ends, with offline and with online, I mean on stream as well, But unlimited players cannot play with each others in a singular stream! But maximally you can play with 30 characters if you want to play online.

But to make sure you have a licensed copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 to play on stream community. GTA V not allowed you to just download and install the fake copy of it’s from anywhere & start entertaining yourself with. Even you need licensed version of GTA 5 to play this game offline as well, But you can crack GTA V copy to make it’s a fake copy. So, you can play story mode for free. Keep in mind, GTA V has no cheat to increase or decrease the digits of cash/money. The biggest merit to purchase an original copy of GTA 5 is their company gives you some billions once you activated the game properly.  You need to just download social club of Grand Theft Auto 5 and a pop-up will notified once you start social club. What you need to do? Just put your 16-digits codes that been issued to you by ROCKSTAR North and that’s it you would get some billions in this game .

You will freaked to know if you’ll download a fake copy of GTA V, just it’s setup file size about almost 60 GB+ or more and after installed Grand Theft Auto 5 the playable file being also 60 GB+. Plus one thing you need 65 GB free space in your hard disk to play GTA 5. This is the biggest demerit of the fake copy of it’s. You have to pay more GB’s in order to play this game by free using a fake copy of it’s.

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The story mode of GTA 5 contains 79 missions, But don’t be sad! GTA V all missions will give you tough time to complete and their all missions will fall you in trouble to pass them in such a day that you did before on other’s ROCKSTAR Games. It will consume core time to complete.


Maybe in first line of this article I said you this game are an action adventure and open world game. Mean you can do anything you want to perform as you like suitable. You have various 79 missions to perform and to over the game and if you don’t want to perform them in a day. No problem. You can roam yourself by selected any of character in GTA 5 as well as in other ROCKSTAR North games. The world of GTA 5 is one of the, or I think the singular game that has largest map as never before in any game. You can see below image to determine how largest the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 is.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Map:


In GTA V, we can play with three various players/characters. Their name is:

  • Franklin Clinton
  • Michael De Santa
  • Trevor Philips

This is not possible to share their bio too. You can know more about these character by click on this link.

Grand Theft Auto 5 character encyclopedia

However, all of them can perform melee attacks, firearm and explosives to fight with competitors/enemies and can run, jump, swim or you can use vehicle to navigate the entire world of Grand Theft Auto 5. If any of players perform any unlawful works in GTA V, police department get started to chase any one character, which did crime and never leave them until they being shoot by police or cheated police by use the cheat code of that’s. You can found some of Grand Theft Auto 5 cheat code by researching on internet.

 Is it suitable, (inappropriate)?

GTA 5 is an open world. So, we can do anything we want to, As I said this sentence in this article too many times so you might been understood, But the question is “Is GTA 5 an appropriate game or is it suitable for children to play out”? Then the simples answer is NO. This is not that kind of game that you should give your children to play. All the materials in this game can affect your child’s mind/senses.
[AdSense-B] When it’s to entertain others people that are above of 18 years, they can play it and basically on them this also depends on their minds. What’s their mind level and how they want to use this game as? Suppose, in the world, there are also many inappropriate materials are available, But it’s depend on people, do a person want to use that materials or not. GTA 5 is also like our world. All the materials that we’re facing, all those are available in this game called GTA 5.

Hope above information might been informed you little bit about GTA 5 and you should share this article on your social networks, may some others also know about this game and finally Wait for my next articles and stay tuned.


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