Best Ways to Create Free Backlinks for Your Blog

First of all you have to know that the content will always be the King. If you’ve spent much time on the blog comment campaign or presenting their latest blog posts to social bookmarking directories are all methods to get some backlinks, this article might be suitable for you if you are looking for a goo strategy to build quality backlinks. You can learn the best ways to Create Free Backlinks for your blog.Create Free Backlinks

How to Create Free Backlinks

Let’s begin with the link building process step by step.

  1. Blog Commenting

One of the easiest ways to get backlinks to your blog is the way by leaving comments on other blogs. Almost all blogger allows you to hyperlink your name to your blog today. Try not to spam or at risk included in the black list. A comment link is enough.

Some blogs have a “no follow” attribute tells search engine spiders which do not follow the links that activated the URL of the comment. DoFollow blog is better for the Page Rank of your blog, but no follow links to increase your link popularity.

Remember that you left a comment to represent your blog. Try adding something useful to the conversation already in progress. Be well. Offers suggestions when you can and get the number of clicks your links from other bloggers and readers.

  1. Forums Posting

Most forums allow you to include a signature at the end of your message. It is a high priority to search and post on forums popular with high traffic volume, but it is equally important to find a forum that is smaller, more niche-oriented where your link will be more relevant. If you offer good advice and help others in the forum that may be visiting your site too.

  1. Free advice Deals

It is in line with the posts on the forum, but people often underestimate the power of a site like Yahoo Answers. Even if you can’t include a signature, if you are an active source of expertise in your niche, you would be surprised how often that comes the opportunity to connect one of your post on the answers.

  1. Links to other pages

Something that few people realize that Google and other search engines rank your page individually and not ranking your website overall. That means links pointing to other pages on your blog is as good as coming from another blog link.

If you use the name of your blog in your publication, create a hyperlink with the name of your home page. If you mention something that has discussed in previous publications, the publication will say linking it.

  1. Write guest posts for other blogs

One of the best ways to dominate the niche is with control over the resulting content in your niche. A lot of bloggers who are often looking for new blood and will jump at the chance to have posts that are written specifically for your blog. Visitor message is a simple way to get new backlinks, and many sites are willing to pay you to write for your blog.

  1. Deals RSS Feed

Although RSS feeds do not directly increase your traffic, yes they allow many different types of aggregators to crawl your site. Many bloggers rely on their Feedreaders to ideas and fresh content, so if you offer feedback on your niche, you may subscribe to it just to expand the range of information.

  1. Make a free Blog

What the best tips to stand out in your niche that will give by the relevant backlinks related blog. Now, hundreds of thousands of sites offer visitors a free blog hosted. You can set 20 of them a month that a lot of particular link within six months.

They may even be simple, the one-page blog offers some advice and recommend your site in a call to action. You can use the mini-blog to highlight the various categories and tags from your main blog with a little copy and paste the code in the sidebar of your blog.

  1. Use HubPages or Squidoo

HubPages or Squidoo allow you to create a page micro-sites about a particular topic of their choice. You really can make hundreds of these ‘ lens ‘ and ‘ hub ‘ and include backlinks to your site as a source of information.

You can use money micro-site and receive royalties of traffic they generate. On optional including Amazon, eBay and the widget can win a portion of the commissions they generate. With HubPages can even include your AdSense ID to make money. Active pay (though simple) to promote their blogs.

  1. Contribute to the Wiki Link

Add to the Wiki-editable sites like eHow or Wikipedia users have the opportunity to put your blog as a source on related topics. Resist the urge to abuse Your editorial control remains because of disturbing other contributors, and that’s just bad karma.

Apart from an important site such as Wikipedia or sites copycat, with a little searching, you can probably find a more targeted wiki related to the niche of your blog. Contribute to this wiki should be easier for you if you are passionate about your subject and knows his stuff.

  1. Article Directories Submission

Article directories are websites that offer free articles for webmasters for reprint in Exchange for exit links articles, and authors bio left intact. It is a great way for authors get free backlinks from some sites by writing some simple items.

Article Marketing remains a relevant and efficient practice. Although Google has been cracking down on duplicate content and not many people gather more article reprints, article directory itself still has a lot of authority and get indexed quickly.  You submit an article to a different directory enough to drastically improve Your SERPs

  1. Press Release Writing

Whether you have an amazing sale? Sponsors or hold a contest? The launch of new products, services or even other blogs? These are all things you could write the press release. You can send them manually to a news site or blog related, or you can send them to a PR of the directory and get a lot of decent links in the process.

By doing a quick search on Google, you’ll find hundreds of directories that you can submit a press release distributor. Many press releases appear on Google News, which is a perfect place for your link indexed.

  1. Create content “linkbait.”

Create some content that other bloggers couldn’t resist linking. A good example of this would be to write “Top 100 Blogs” list in your niche. The author of the blog on your list will not be able to refuse to let their readers know that they are one of the top 100 blogs on your topic.[AdSense-B]

But you don’t have to limit ourselves to just the ego-fanning. If you can offer a lot of value and insight or the beginning of the Board, write messages that explain the 100 best ways to do things. Bloggers would love to show that kind of message to your readers.

  1. Send news groups

Many bloggers submit their posts to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit or Digg. It is perfect for some hit and runs visits most of the time, but this link has no enduring factors. The best way to obtain links that are relevant is for find newsgroups that specifically cater to their place. Submit a link to newsgroups provide more permanent links that bring targeted traffic and produce lasting results.

  1. Effect of blog comments

It is much more efficient than a simple link exchange. A link in the content page link juice pumping more than a traditional blogroll or links page. A review of the blog also seize the reader’s attention and recommends their blog as a reliable source.

  1. Create a digital download e-book

If you offer the e-book, audio files, videos or computer application is simple, there are hundreds of thousands of eager new download directory and share your link. Offer something for free is the best way to attract new traffic. Not only offers digital download allows your site to be included in a particular directory, but also produce more organic traffic as his word move free material in some way.

  1. Create a widget

Many websites allow you to create a widget without knowing programming languages are complicated. You can create a simple widget that shows the latest blog post or trying to make widgets that meet a need. Maybe if I have a blog about weight loss can make a body mass index calculator that people could use as a widget on their blog or social network profile.


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