3 Reasons why your blog not getting traffics from Search Engines

We understand that the first-class traffic for an internet site is natural site visitors, and that irrespective of whether you have got 1 subscriber or a thousand subscribers, in the long run it’s search engine site visitors that subjects the maximum.

Getting search engine visitors isn’t all that tough, however there are important matters we should learn with the intention to obtain respectable search engine site visitors. All of it comes all the way down to how wonderful your contents are, and the way well it’s optimized for SERPs. And sure, your social media sharing is likewise vital closer to the advanced search engine visibility of your articles.

Over the last 1 year, I regularly edit my antique weblog posts to improve them for readers and for SERPs as well. This includes improving the facts supplied, including up to date information, reading modern-day keywords the use of SEMRUSH and Google Analytics, and optimizing the articles for target keywords.

That is an ongoing technique that each blogger must undertake a good way to make the maximum out of their present content.

In today’s submit article, I might be discussing a few weblog post search engine optimization mistakes which lots of us unknowingly make, for this reason hampering the natural traffic to our websites.why not getting more traffic

whenever I do a website search engine optimization audit, there are some common elements I locate that decrease the visibility of my articles in search engines like google. Nowadays I will share them with you so you can keep away from those not unusual mistakes, and for that reason enhance the search engine optimization of your blog’s articles.

Heaps of Repeated Heading Tags:

On every occasion I analyze our weblog posts without a visitors is not less than a chaos for a beginner of a particular blogger, that is one massive cause for nearly no search engine site visitors.

Lower back in 2014-2015, I used too many H2 or H3 heading tags in my articles. I was trying to make my sub-headings stand out (size, typography, and so on.). This could have made my articles look extraordinary to my readers, but it adversely affected the SEO score of the articles. This will not be genuine of 100% of such instances, however for me, almost eighty % of my posts with repeated H2 and H3 tags are becoming no traffic. Modifying and correcting them without a doubt improved the visibility of the articles in natural searches.

Name of Image and Alt Tags on Images:

Using snap shots to your blog posts now not only makes your articles appearance fantastic, however additionally enables in enhancing the search engine optimization of your weblog posts.

There are plugins like search engine optimization friendly pics, which routinely add ALT tags into photographs by using the usage of the photograph name. I’ve noticed that articles with pix containing no ALT tags or the wrong ALT tags adversely affect the SEO of the articles.
One of the most common blog publish search engine optimization mistakes i have seen on many blogs is the failure to change the call of the photos to match the topics of the posts.

For instance, you’re probably writing approximately search engine optimization, however you use an picture of a fish, and you hold the name of the photograph as “fish-catching.jpeg”. This is a completely massive mistake. The correct method is to use significant image names. Prior to uploading the photograph, exchange the image call to something like “search engine optimization mistakes.jpeg”, or whatever is appropriate to the topic of your post.
When you have made similar errors within the past, it’s time to head again and accurate them. Add a meaningful photograph with a keyword as your photograph call, and use your goal key phrases in ALT tags. As mentioned in advance, you could use the help of the SEO friendly images plugin if you wish.

Too Long Meta Description:

Meta descriptions assist in enhancing the CTR of your article in SERP’s, and also are helpful to the overall SEO optimization of your content.

With that said, your meta description ought to no longer exceed the one hundred sixty character restrict.

Multiple years in the past i might absolutely replica the first 2-three strains of my article, and use that as a meta description. This changed into a massive mistake which many of us make.
consider your meta description as a name to action. It’s miles great to jot down a completely unique meta description in much less than one hundred fifty-one hundred sixty characters.

You could also use a plugin like WordPress search engine optimization by Yoast to add meta descriptions for your blog posts.
[AdSense-B] It would also be a great concept to locate all of your old posts exceeding the meta description man or woman restriction, and rewrite the meta description in one hundred fifty-160 characters. You may use Ahrefs, SEO spider or SEMRUSH to discover all such weblog posts. you can also consult with the legit Google assist web page on the usage of meta descriptions here.


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