10 Ways to Create a Blog Post in Fifteen Minutes or Less

You have a blog. Hopefully it is a profitable one. You have lots of traffic coming in and various ways to bring in income on your blog site. The only problem is that you are pressed for time. You know you have to keep your blog updated regularly to help maintain your income, but you just do not have the time to write very much. You can learn here How to Create a Blog Post quickly.Create a Blog Post

How to Create a Blog Post

What do you do? Well, if you have fifteen minutes you can create a blog post that anyone would be proud of and readers will love. Here are some ways to update your blog without spending hours doing it:

  1. Keep it short– No one said that you have to have a really long post to give your readers quality information. Instead, try to keep your post around five hundred words when you are in a hurry. Depending on how fast you type this can easily be done in less than fifteen minutes. It is really only about a page of typing.

Why five hundred words? Well, that is for SEO mostly. You see search engines like Google tend to ignore blog posts that are less than five hundred words. Readers also think that it looks too short when a post is less than five hundred words. All in all, five hundred to a thousand words create a nice sized blog post that can give information and make readers happy without taking up a lot of your time.

  1. Break it up– Another thing you can do to write a blog post in less than fifteen minutes is to break up a long post into shorter posts. Let’s say you have an hour to write one day so you sit down and write a really great how to article that is full of all kinds of information.

It ends up being a couple thousand words long. Instead of posting that all at once, why not break it up? You can break it up into four parts; part one: what you need, part two: setup, part three: assembly, part four: use and so on. That way the hour you have spent turns into fifteen minutes for each post and you have lots of content to update your blog with! You can also do the same thing fifteen minutes at a time. Write a series of posts and only spend fifteen minutes on each part. By connecting the posts together your readers get great information and you get to update a lot  without having to write for a long time.

  1. Use lists – I love lists, as you can tell from this article. Why do I love lists? Because they are so fast and easy to write. With a list you have a great advantage over other types of blog posts. You can treat each point as a mini post and work on them one at a time.

This means that if you are super busy and only have two minutes to blog at a time you can still write something. By treating each point as a mini blog post you can actually accomplish quite a lot of writing in just a few minutes. Another advantage to list posts is that they keep you on track. If you outline each of the points before you start writing then all you have to do is look at the next one to know what to write. No further thinking required! List posts are also very popular with search engines and readers.

Readers love posts they can scan for information rather than actually read through the whole thing. They also like things with numbers because they can immediately tell how long the post will be. For example a list post with five points is going to be far shorter than one with twenty five points. Search engines like numbers because people search for them.[AdSense-B]

The top ten, the five best, the top one hundred are all commonly searched terms. By exploiting that you can easily write a blog post that gets a lot of traffic and yet takes you no time at all to write.

  1. Use multimedia– I like to shake up my blog. I have seen many blogs out there that are just pages and pages of text. How boring is that? Instead, try to add color and interest to your blog and in the process you can create a blog post in under fifteen minutes. Images provide a great draw to viewers and take up a lot of space on a blog post. This means that your five hundred words look even more impressive to readers. A great image can inspire you to write or add ideas to your writing that you may have overlooked before. Things like videos and infographics are also very helpful in adding interest to your blog and inspiring you to write.

You can simply summarize a video you link to or an infographic you share. Many times that will allow you to get the benefits of the SEO for those things without actually having to work hard to create them. Images and the like also get you search results in places like Google Images.

I can’t tell you how often I get hits to my site just because of image searches or connections through image collectors like Pinterest. Speaking of Pinterest, images, videos and info graphics also tend to go viral far more often than text only posts do. By adding in that visual element you increase your blog post’s chances of spreading out and getting more traffic.

  1. Be inspired– As I said, images are great inspiration for blog writers. One of the hardest things to do is write without inspiration. If you can get inspired you can easily write a ton in fifteen minutes. That is why it is important for you to find out what inspires you.

Is it stories of hope? Things that make you mad? Funny things? Do you enjoy sharing what you learn and teaching others? Do you enjoy asking questions and picking apart debates? Do you like to argue? Do you just want everyone to get along? Finding out what inspires you can help you to make the most of your time and write great posts in the limited time you have.

  1. Be familiar– Another way to get a blog post out quickly is to be very familiar with the subject. You do not want to try and write an article that will require you to do a lot of research. Research takes time and time is what you do not have. Instead, try to go with what you know. You can share information about hobbies. Basic information that you use every day, things that you have experienced, or stories from your past.

By offering up this sort of information you do not have to worry about citing references or finding things to back up what you say. Personal stories and experience are just that, personal. This is a fast way to get a blog post written and only requires you to share what you already know.

  1. Be human– Speaking of sharing what you know, being human is a great way to write a blog post quickly. We all love to connect with bloggers and adding in anecdotes and stories to your writing not only adds in content but is a fast way to get more words in your blog post. You can even share your struggles with time constraints, why you do not have a lot of time to blog and what you are doing to keep your blog alive.

By connecting with readers you promote understanding and forgiveness if your blog is not updated for a while or if you make editing errors or grammatical mistakes.

  1. Add humor– I think that a part of being human is having a sense of humor about everything. I can get very burnt out when I have a short time to write and a lot of other things to do. Instead of being cranky with my readers or just churning out junk to post I try to add humor to my posts and lighten things up. Sometimes I am sarcastic and talk about how great it is that I have a million things to do and how they must be enjoying a break from my boring writing.

Other times I just share something that happened to me like the time the air went out where I worked and we were all sitting on the floor in the hall because it was just so hot! Everyone loves a funny story and it can also be a great way to vent your frustration at not having more time to devote to your blog.

  1. Use quotes– When I am really stuck for time and can’t seem to come up with anything to write I use a lot of quotes. I know that is a bit of a cheat, but it works. I may just introduce the post by saying that these quotes inspired me during this time in my life or I may just use one quote and explain what it means to me and how it has changed my thinking. Quotes cannot only inspire you but others as well, so they are always a great thing to share with others.
  1. Have a backup– Last but not least, you should always have backup blog posts on hand. Those posts are for emergency use. If you get sick, some disaster strikes or some other emergency comes up you should have at least one post ready to go.

These posts should be evergreen content, meaning that are something that will work no matter what time of the year it is and no matter how old they are. Try to avoid using things like seasons and holidays, news and celebrity gossip, or recent disasters. Instead write on general topics like the basics of blah. This way when you have less than fifteen minutes to write you can simply post your backup article and then worry about writing something when you have more time.[AdSense-B]

These are just a few of the ways that you can update your blog and keep it alive even if you only have fifteen minutes. Every blogger knows how important regular updates are to SEO and readers alike. By following these simple ideas you can create great content in a few minutes and keep your blog up and running even when you are pressed for time.
This post is contributed by  Mr. Pritam Nagrale, a famous Indian blogger. He expresses his opinions through his blog MoneyConnexion. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. He and his blog have a lot of followers and we hope you will like this post.


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