Where and How to Get a Free Domain for Your Blog?

What is a domain?

Domain names are usually used to identify one or more IP addresses , but there is a difference in domain and domain names. Domain is the address like .com , .org , .mil , .edu and domain names are the a set of letters or a word that is written before your domain, for example in amazon.com , amazon is the domain name.

What are domains used for?

Domains are unique names with an extension such as .com attached to the end this gives your website a unique address that people can use to visit your website.

Where to get a free domain from?

There are some websites offering free domains like .ml .tk .ga they are available for free for one year after a year it’s still free but you have to go to the website and renew your expiry date of the domain and it’s yours again for an year. People pay up to 2000$ for a month of domain subscription but it’s your time to get it now for free.domain registration

So the website that is the most trusted one to get a free domain is FREENOM.COM

This website basically sells domains and gives them for free too it has a wide range of all sorts of domains but the best one from the range of free domains is the .tk domain it does not create any problems for you. The other ones like the .ga sometimes fails in some days it stops working and tells you to get a new one I have been through this too.

How to sign up for a free domain?

Go to freenom signup on it or just use your google account to sign up for it, that barely takes a few seconds that way! after signing up on freenom go to the main page and write whatever you want your domain name to be with the domain also. For example if you want the domain name to be skyler365 and the domain to be .tk , type skyler365.tk and press check availability if it is available then it will give it to you for free. It’ll take you to the next page and ask Add to cart press it after that you choose how long you want your domain for maximum is a year and then you have to do the renewal thing I told up there..Sign up

After you get the domain you need to set up the DNS server with whom ever your publishing your website with for example if it is blogger from google it gives out a unique set of codes for the DNS server you enter them and wait for around 5 mins and your website is published, so whoever is your publisher will give you a unique set of codes you enter them in the DNS server and the domain is all yours.[AdSense-B]

How to keep the domain forever?

Get one year subscription for free and if you want to keep the domain for more years, Then just go to the website freenom.com and renew the domain 1 day before its expiry date.

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