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Most of newbie’s in the field of blogging; always try to make free website, and just run their website as an external income source.  There are many CMS (Content Management Systems) are available to create a website. But as a newbie, everyone try to make a free website. He want to get some free area to start his work on. So, on that, Blogger is only a platform where you can approve any advertisement’s distributor’s websites and it’s free to start up. No need to purchase web domain, + web hosting + template etc. Or you can purchase discussed materials as for better inspirational services of your website or blog.blogger limitation

But did you thought ever; is there any limit in blogger? No doubt there are many limits in blogger.  So, this is our main topic that we will discuss how many limits are available in blogger website to use. Let’s get started now.

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Limitations of blogger blog / websites

Number of Websites of Blog in blogger:

You need G-mail account to create your website or blog in blogger. So, by the base of per G-mail account you can create 100 website or blog. More than of it can sync your fake MB’s on your other devices you used. Or your visitors cannot access your website as soon as they want either they leave your website or they never come to your website as looking to your encrypt web page loading time. And because of this reason, Your bounce rate will increase more and more and finally your website been banned. So, make sure your blogger account consist of less than 100 websites or less.

Number of Articles / Contents:

In the platform of blogger, fortunately there are no such limits exists. You can create unlimited post in your blogger website or blog. So, this is also a save inventory of your posts. Your posts will be imported into your blogger account once you published anything on your web or your post will not be deleted ever unless you would not delete them. In case you deleted your articles unwontedly you can restored them all easily by Google History Cache.

Size of your main pages:

While using the free product of Google, many people add heaps of widgets in their main page. So, before add any widgets in your blogger website keep in mind your main page file size do not cross maximally 1mb. If you crossed 1MB, you’ll get an error in your blogger account such as below.

“006 please contact Blogger Support”

You can fix it by deleting some objects from your main page of blogger account.

Size of Favicon:

Many websites in any platform use favicon. This is a small image that present in the tab of any website if they used favicon. Like odosta website, it has a favicon of “O”. You can concentrate while looking to the any tab of However in blogger you can also implement it but its limited. You can use a square image which is less than 100 KB’s. More than of its can never be implemented in blogger website or blog.

Number of Comments:

Is your blogger website been more visible onto the internet and you are getting tons of comments daily, and are you thinking that you crossed your foot in the line of blogger limitation? Then I am going to say you ‘NO’. The product of Google called Blogger has not this objectless limitation that freak the mind of their users.  Your visitors can comment on any limit no problem of it.

Size of Pictures:

In blogger website you can import any size of images. However if you use your blogger website in mobile and operate it’s setting with mobile too, there’s a limit you only can upload 2.5 MB image file at once. More than of this amount has a chance to be blocked by Google or other Search Engines as well. Keep in mind one more thing you cannot host your image in your blogger website more than 1 GB. Blogger can only host your image under 1 GB or at the same amount. So, try to use images in your blogger web as low as possible.

Number of Labels:

For your blogger website you only can create 5,000 unique labels and I think this is a huge amount, Even professional blogger only reached 100 labels or minus. No website is available which used this amount of labels.

Numbers of Authors:

If you are running a service of get paid to write or guest blogging then you might to add members in your blogger website. So, keep in mind you cannot make author for your website more than 100. I mean to say you cannot invite members if you crossed 100 members.
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