Top 5 Urdu Food Recipe Websites in Pakistan

Cooking is one of the most important skills for a household women. Cooking is not an easy task that can be performed by everyone. It takes a time to develop your cooking skills.

One of the most important issue in cooking is getting the best recipe for any dish you want to cook. Getting delicious recipes has been a very difficult task because most of the people didn’t share their recipes and kept them secret.recipe food

The solution to this problem was given by cooking shows on TV. These cooking shows were aired on specific time regularly. Not every household was free enough to watch these shows regularly. And one has to note all the ingredients and steps that the host of the show mentioned. There were many problems associated with it. If sometimes the TV gets turned off for a while then a part of the show was missed that couldn’t be retrieved.

But now this problem is solved by online food recipes websites. These websites have probably all the recipes available with details of each and every step. You don’t have to note these recipes on a paper. You can bookmark these websites and can open it whenever you want them. You can also take the screen shots and save them on your mobile.

There are many online food recipes websites. Following are the most recommended websites:


Whenever you search any Pakistani recipe. will be showed in first 10 results. This is my own experience. This is probably the oldest and widely recommended site. This site has numerous recipes. There are many recipes for a single dish available and many recipes are available in the form of videos. From western to eastern food, any recipe can be checked from this site. You can download SooperChef Food Recipe Apps available for Android and iPhone.


This is also a very comprehensive site having lots of recipes. It also has numerous recipes for a single dish. One of the great features of this site is that it has reviews section where people submit reviews and comments on a particular recipe. So one can assess these reviews to decide whether to try this recipe or not. If the reviews are good one must try that recipe. There is also an Urdu section where recipes are available in Urdu language and it is helpful for the people who have a problem in understanding English.


This is not just a recipe site. It is a general type blog. But it has a very comprehensive section for recipes. The best feature of this site is that all the recipes are divided into folders. Each folder has a name of that chef whose recipes are in that folder. So one can try the recipes of different chefs and can come out with an ideal recipe.


This site is not solely dedicated to Pakistani recipes. It has the recipes of probably every cuisine. But it has a dedicated section for Pakistani recipes. It has the recipes for all popular Pakistani dishes.


This site is also not solely dedicated to Pakistani dishes. But it has all the recipes of all popular Pakistani dishes and one can try these recipes.


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