Microsoft Rank Fall Down on Windows 10 Forced Updates

Windows 10 Operating System is new innovations and is better than ever as said by Microsoft. You can Shop Online for Windows 10 laptops, tablets, PCs, apps and many more products are available on its official site, Where You can Learn about their new & Upcoming Features.

Basically, Microsoft has record services and products for PC users, But Windows Operating System is very popular in all. Most of computer users know Microsoft only because of Windows Operating System.Microsoft rank in the world 2016

I think, Microsoft has released Windows 10 in hurry as most of Basic features of operating system are missing in Windows 10, So Microsoft is constantly providing Windows automatic updates to its users to recover its many faults.
I saw, Most of Professional users heat Windows 10 because of forced and sudden updates & reboots, Where they cannot do their work for many hours. On releasing Windows 10, I also have upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Professional, Which take almost 5 hours in upgrading and installing necessary 10 update frustration

After 5 hours, Windows 10 was ready to do any work, So I started my work, But at night I installed idm, Which gave a message to restart your PC and after rebooting, Windows 10 displayed as: Updating Windows and Your PC will restart several times.

I don’t know, Why Microsoft is not fix this most frustrating Windows 10 Anytime Updates even it starts when we are in the middle of some work such as; uploading, live-casting, completing live test for college students or taking notes within a special interview etc.
This ridiculous thing made users very angry about Microsoft, Which fall down the Microsoft good rank in the 10 update frustration

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users are disabling critical updates instead

My frustration with Windows 10 is reaching a boiling point


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