Top 10 SEO Factors to Optimize Your Blog in 2016

Being inconsolable in the field of SEO? Because search engines rumbling on you and became of your enemy? Well, no. Search Engine is not a person who can fulfilled enmity by any one. But some time a blogger being chaos to know they have quality article but still their content not submitted by search engine in their lists of index. Even they update their content regularly. Here the question is pending too, the blogger who does not update their site regularly or even do by weekly or monthly bases. Still their content being approved by search engines ideally and their content come to us. What is this?Top 10 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) factors in 2016

After optimized your website links, comments, label or categories, enabled some of major tools, so, what? This was not just sole and final thing to do to get your website and its content on various Search Engines.

After did some measly thing on website this is not enough for any search engines to crawl and index your website and its contents soon. We will discuss today why your competitors always beat you in the field of blogging and SEO. So, let’s get started.

You write contents with daily bases while your competitors write with weekly or monthly bases. So, their monthly and weekly bases articles crawled and indexed by search engines too soon. The secret is they not think updating and publishing content regularly is suitable for Search Engines, but they thinks writing content per week, but with perfect optimization can beat up 7 contents. Well this is true.

They write article a week or a month but with perfect optimization. They have sufficient skills to optimize their contents, But what about us; are they only that have correct SEO skill or if yes how they got? Are they a machine that has more talent? NO! What is the difference between them and you? The major difference between them and you is they fall down in the deepness on SEO. And they did researched and found much knowledge about it and obliviously they know; How to Write SEO Optimized Article

Anyhow, when you search for a query in Google search Engine, their algorithm start their works and analyze 200 Ranking Factors  and show that website content on first page that fulfills all factors. If a website does not fulfill all of their factors the query you searched for will not come for a particular website. Only that website come into first page of first list that may complete 100 factors, second site appear if they completed 80 factors. Mean the site that completed more factor of SEO than each other that comes to first page and get indexed by search engines too soon. As I earlier said for SEO, we have to keep in mind 200 things to write an optimized content. But in this article we’ll only discuss top 5 most important SEO factor in 2016. That you can apply and write a SEO optimized post, and get indexed by Google Search Engine fast as possible, Where You should also learn; How Google Search Engine Works

Main Keyword in Title:

Title is the most important and key thing in term of SEO factor. In Google Search engine when you searched for a keyword their algorithms came into action and their first work is to analyze title on a particular content, With other 199 SEO factors, title is of it and most common and important factor in SEO. Search Engine shows many of sites on first page on which a particular keyword set on a title of any content. So, you should put optimally 60 character of any particular keyword in your title. More than 60 characters will not show in Google Search Result.

Keyword in Domain name:

If you have your targeting keyword in your domain name, mean in Here your keyword is your targeting keyword, if it appears into your domain name then; you got pretty chances to rank up your website specific article.

Keywords in Permalinks:

If you did some mistakes while purchased a domain, no keyword related to your domain name. So, you can put your keyword in permalink as well. But you ought to keep permalink words under of 5 words. More that of it will also not showing on search results as your title nor.

Domain name age:

Almost many search engines or even Google always rank and submitted that site content ideally that became more aged. Mean if a website writes an article on “Top 10 on Page SEO tips” while other also write on the same one. The website that more aged than each other will rank up fast and their content been visible is search results ideally as compare to a new one.

Keyword in Headings:

If you written a perfect and useful content for your visitor and made your article king while your title queen, Headings are ministers. Mean heading are also playing a crucial role in the factor of SEO. So, if your article used fair amount of headings you ought to implement your targeting keyword in it for sure.

Content Length:

All the pro blogger and expert optimizer of Search Engines, always suggest anyone write big content and try to write in detail. Because after a big hole there’s a light comes up. So, after written a huge content you will be able to perform more density of your keywords in your content. And also huge and tough affordable written content be a king of your website.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density simple mean the ratio of keyword repeated in an article. Maximally your density can 3% more than of it can beat your website up from search engine results and lower than it can may your website give bright chances to improve your ranking in Google search engines.

Formula to calculate keyword density is here: Number of keywords present in an article / Number of words of an article * 100

If the repeated word means targeting keyword gives you answer of 3 or 2% good for SEO. If your calculation give you’re more of it, try to compress the repeated word.

Always Keep update your content:

No problem, you cannot manage to write article on daily bases for a new blog. But updating your content regular can informed Google Bot. A website that update their website daily Google Bot get informed and wait for get a specific site content to index. Same if a website updates their website weekly or monthly, Google Bot visit their sites weekly or monthly bases and try to find some content to index, etc.

1 image is equal to 100 words?

When it’s comes to put your primary/targeting keywords in your article, there are a lots of area is available to put on. Image is one suitable and useful area to write your keyword. You can write keyword in image alt text and on image title text by just inserting an image. Sometime inspire-able images can beat 100 or even 200 words.
[AdSense-B] Suppose you created a theme and you want your theme downloaded by everyone. Many of people search for this kind of query in Google Image mostly to find a suitable theme and in Google image search only images shows up.

XML Sitemap:

The XML sitemap file is nothing but a web directory where your all contents present of your website. We make this file for Search Engines to see what post is exist on a sitemap (In a WebPage). If you are keep writing and updating your website contents daily but not submitted sitemap put your think out that your content being crawled by Search Engines ever. You can find XML sitemap code easily from a particular website.

Duplicate Contents:

Duplicate content is against with the policy of Search Engines. Search Engine tries to show that website content that have no copyright content. And also Search Engine found opportunity to improve or rank up that websites. If you’ll use any copyright content or even a paragraph from third party website you’ll be banned by search engines and your website cannot be set in the indexing lists of Search Engines.

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