Top 5 Basic Fundamentals of On-Page SEO Optimized Article

When it comes to On-Page SEO, too many Metrics we have to keep in mind in order to write killer SEO Optimized or SEO Friendly article. The more your page is strong, the more chances are bright to get indexed by Search Engines some quickly and  get ranked well. Though I am going to share with you all some of the proven On-Page SEO technique you ought to keep in mind before to think about write a piece of content.

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Another thing that you should to keep in mind, you ought to create good and thorough content to get ranked well in Search Engines. This isn’t that you write SEO Optimized article, polish that link with Social Media, get some spammy Backlinks and you’d get ranked well in Search Engines specially in Google.

Google is frequently creating new algorithm and update their old algorithm to reveal your great content. Google wants to get quality content from you, not SEO optimized article or content basically. So I don’t like to dive in this topic that is why creating great content is necessary, or sometime almost compulsory, this article will let you know how to create SEO friendly articles. But the thing I told you earlier, please stick that suggestion in your mind and let’s dive into the topic.

Starts With Keyword Research

Keyword is the most important and basically the game plan of the each and every page that exists in your site. I am not saying there is no more thing to go after before doing Keyword  Research, but if I say this is the compass which basically let you know where to go and how you could go, how much time your page might take to get ranked well, how much will you earn with that particular keyword etc then then this would not be wrong for sure.

When you feel to write an article for your site, you have to have some keywords, so you can optimize your that specific keyword at your page. I am not going to take your through how to find some profitable keywords or how to get keywords that are being searched by Searchers at fair amount of time, though you can learn this article which was written by Brian Dean the founder of Backlinko. Brushup your experiences and knowledge with keyword research by reading one of this articles about Keyword Research from here:

The Definite Guide To Keyword Research 

Got your primary keyword to optimize your article with? Sounds good then.


If you have been in SEO for last couple of months or even for last couple of weeks then you might be familiared how much weight does interlinking put when it comes to ranking factor. I would never say that this will shout out your article at Search Engines very soon, but it will pass some link juice which is obviously really good.

If you have two articles that you optimized with the same keyword wrongly and you also don’t want to remove that, then you could interlink them both on twice URLs of both pages. This will help you to strong the base of your page for sure (if won’t help you to rank).

Keep in mind one thing that you should not use same anchor text to interlink each page’s URLs. Try to use keyword rich anchor text, but not doing it over and over. Use partial match anchor text, hybrid anchor text etc. If you’re not familiar with anchor text types, then browse this post which was obviously written by me.

Anchor Text: 6 Types You Need to Top SEO

Word Count Per Post

Google recently launched a new algorithm named Rank Brain. According to SearchEngineLand, this is the third most important factor when it comes to ranking factor of Google. If I would in one line that this is the algorithm which helps Google’ Searchers to give them more thorough content. This is very good for your visitor too. Try to give them long article, because Google loves to crawl, fetch, ping and index such sort of contents which give comprehensive guides about any particular topic. If you’ll Search in Google for any question, only those websites will come up that has good and thorough article, you could check by Type in your keyword.

Reverse Interlinking

As the name suggests this is reverse of Interlinking. In simple interlinking you linked your one page to another, but here you stick URLs that are outside to your website. You just head over to some other website to get any resource and linked them into your page, this is called reverse interlinking. [AdSense-B] Google wants to give it’s visitor as much comprehensive content as their’s visitor want, so this is also a good practice On-Page SEO. By doing it, Google will consider that you’re building relationship with some other influential bloggers and in this case you’ve the bright chances to improve your Domain Authority which is kinda important.

Fiddle Your Primary Keyword With LSI Keywords

LSI Keyword, what is it? You have might familiar with Synonyms, so LSI is the synonym of synonym, I guess. Basically it is used to boost the power of your primary keyword. Google wants to get relevancy in each and every articles you write and eager to index and rank them all their in their indexing list.

Suppose If your primary keyword is On-Page SEO, then you should not only include it’s synonym in the page you’re going to write but you should to make it relevant to On-Page SEO. You can include words like Like Link Building, Off-Page SEO, SEO, Blogging extra.

That’s it, these tips are the basic of On-Page SEO and this is the first part of this article. Try to implement all these tips that I just suggested you, I will give you more tips about it in one of my next post.



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