Make a Living on Blogging to Have Your Life Satisfied

Are you planning to start your own blog? I not guarantee, it will make you richer, but what is the guarantee that you quit your job and make a living just to do blogging only. Well, this is right you can make your blogging as a living path. But how much can you earn by blogging per month. To take this step you should compare your job salary with blogging salary.

If you have passionate about any subject, and have a magnificent writing skills, you can make a life on blogging. Yes! It is possible to make a living on blogging.earn money with blogging

There are two ways to become a professional blogger and make a living on blogging, you can become a freelancer or employed blogger for a specified website or company. Or make your own website to become your own boss. Surprised to know how can become an employed blogger, want to know why other professional bloggers want to hire us? They are the pro bloggers! So, they want to update their sites regularly with approximate of 1000 words. This is why they want to get a legit and powerful content for their websites at any cost, even from anyone.

Bear in mind, to become an employed blogger, don’t think that we will make fool them. Mean you cannot go to any site, and grab their site content and send to them. No way, Losers! They have an online or premium online registered account to check that, you sent them your content is written by you. Or you just copy that article, and sent to them.

Getting a job as a professional blogger for your website or for other’s website is not much difficult. If you have your own website than, no problem. You can make your own content and upload that content to your site. But if you have got an established blogging job for any company or other person’s website, you should write their content with the middle of heart. Day by day must try to inspire them, maybe they will increase your salary as looking your hard works.

But if you want to convert your part time blogging job into full time. I recommended you all to start your own blog in the platform of WordPress. And I also inform you, don’t shoot your job, until you cannot manage to earn at least $100 (Hundred) per month. Otherwise you quitted you last job and not become succeeding in blogging also. Then, your life becomes tougher.

What should you do if you don’t have amount to purchase Web Domain and Webhosting?

If you have not enough funds to purchase web domain and web hosting. You can get employed as a contributor on a blog, Where you may also upgrade your rank as an Author being posted quality content on time. It’s mean, Keep write article for companies or other’s person website. You ought to do this job for minimum 1 or 2 months. And by doing this job for 1-2 months, you may earned at least 30$. I also want to clear a statement again, write with the middle of heart. Keep research on internet, find knowledge of that subject where you want to send to your Clients and must try to write article of 700+ words. One another thing is don’t try to send your Clients useless articles, and don’t want to flinch yourself to writes articles.

Work for two months and earn enough fund to purchase Web Domain and Web Hosting. So, quit your Employed job, and go to to purchase Web Hosting & Domain. Must go for GoDaddy, because we have promo code of that site. That will give you much discount as much as you’re not expecting. So, how much have you earned after worked for 2 months? At least you have to earn $25 (Twenty-Five), You must need that amount, In order to purchase 1year Web domain and 1year Webhosting . Mean $24 (Twenty-Four) = 1 Year Hosting and Domain. I have a Promo code that I am glad to share with you. And It will give you 1 year domain and hosting for 24 $.

This is one of the best codes ever I found on internet. Let me explain how? If you are going to register your domain for 1 year and hosting also for 1 year. GoDaddy will charge you $132(One-Hundred-Thirty-Two). But when you enter this promo code, in the above of total payout, your $132 will remove and this promo code will change it to $24. So, you have to pay only 24$ = 2400PKR.
Promo Code: CJCFW1HOS

After purchasing your web domain and hosting, you should use WordPress as a blogging Platform. Because WordPress have much more features as compare to BlogSpot. So, in order to make living by just to do blogging, you have to drive tons of traffic per day to approve Google Adsense and other Advertising products for your site early to make money from your blog very soon.

You can watch this complete WordPress training course in Urdu or Hindi, to know more about WordPress. If this article helpful to you, don’t forget to share this article to your friend. Maybe they also earn some knowledge about blogging.

And finally, thank you for those people who read this article being spent their useful time to start Blogging!!!

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