How Does Google Fight Spam Activities Inside Search in Urdu

Every day, Millions of spam pages, Apps or virus create kiye jaty han, Jin me se kuch to individually work karty han or kuch other apps k sath attach ho kar apna journey start kar dety han.
I think, Virus se to every computer user recognize hota hai, Spam activities means k display kuch kar k some other data/app provide kar diya jae, For example; aap flash player install karny k liye google par search karen to esa kabhi nai howa k aap ko download link idm provide kar diya jae.

Is ki reason ye hai k Google apni search ko kisi bhi type ki spam activities or virus se safe rakhny k liye ek khas algorithm or manual review ko use karta hai, That’s why, Jo sites hum Google par search karty hain, Un k through virus ya spam activities ka chance bohut kam hota hai.anti-spam Google filter

What are the Spam Sites:
Spam sites esi sites hoti han, Jo search results me kuch special games ya techniques k through top rank hasil karny k liye attempt karti rehti han, For example; some webmaster use repeat keywords at their pages, buy back links to get page rank or add hidden text at the screen. Google Search me esy pages par bohut bad effect parhta hai, kyun k esy bohut se spam pages search me add hi nai kiye jaty, kyun k majority of spams ko Google algorithm automatically detect kar k demote kar deta hai, Jo reh jaen un ko detect karny k liye Google has a technical team.

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Spam site har topic or style me appear hoti han, Kuch sites esi han Jo “auto post” jesi apps k through other websites se rich-content copy kar kar k automatically generate karti rehti han, But Google bhi esi sites k liye subtler spam techniques use karta hai.

Main Types of Spam Activities:
Spam has many types, kyun k Spam activities jab tk natural hon, Un ko detect nai kiya ja sakta, Google bhi algorithm ya final review k bad esi sites k against action leta hai, Jo UN-natural show hon.
Some spam activities include with Google algorithm are bellow;

Sneak redirects/ Cloaking:
Esi sites Jo apny user ko Google result me shown results se different content provide karen/ Google search me display kiye gae link se redirect kar k other link par le jaen.

Pure Spam:
Sites Jin par spam techniques use ki gae hon, For example; auto post, scraping data from other sites or use violations of Google Webmaster Policies.

UN-natural links from/to a site:
Google kisi site k UN-natural , deceptive, artificial ya manipulative links ko foran detect kar k link or back-link donon ko block kar deta hai, For example; ppc sites like probux etc.

Hacked Site:
Kisi site k page ko hack kar k us par Spam content or link display kiya gya ho, Esi condition me website k owner ko immediately action lena chahye, otherwise Google algorithm us page ko search se remove kar dy ga.

Free host and DNS providers:
Free hosting service me kisi site ko DNS provider ne hack kar k Spam content display kar diya ho, For example;, etc.

Hidden keywords stuffing:
Kuch sites k published pages par light/ hidden colors me spam text links/ keywords detect ho jaty han.

Low Quality Content:
Kuch sites k pages to bohut zyada hoty han, but content bohut kam or low quality hota hai, user valued data na hony k waja se satisfy nai hota, For example; affiliate pages, auto generated or copied content etc.

User Generated UN-natural activity:
Esi sites Jin par bohut se spam content webmaster ne khud display kiye hon, Ya Guest book or profile ki tarha content ko roughly appear kiya ho.

Parked Domain:
Placeholder sites apny little quality content ko publish karen to Google un ko search results me display nai karta.

Taking Action:
Bohut se spams ko to Google k algorithm automatically detect kar lety han, Rest of spams ko Google team manually checking karti hai, Ta k search results ki quality par koi effect na ho.

Jab Google team manual action k through kisi site par spam detect kary to us site k owner ko alert notification send kiya jata hai, Jo usi waqt possible hai Jab owner se contact ki details available hon, Agar one week me issue resolve na ho to usy block kar diya jata hai.

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Always Remmember, Manual actions permanent nai hoty, Site owner apni site se spam content ki report kare or usy remove karny k bad again review k liye Reconsideration Request kar sakta hai.


  1. assalam o alaikum brother i am waiting for this topic
    brother do me a favor last month mere blogspot site per malware attack hua majhey knowledge nehi thi maine sare page sub kuch delet kar diya lekin virus nehi gaya phir maine kisi tarha google se review karwaya now 15 days bad maine theme change ki toh dobra virus agya maine last time apne 300 pages delete kiye ab himat nehi
    kya kio esa rasta hai hum apne blog ko protect kare trojan horse aur malware se please jawab zarror dijye ga i am very worry about
    majhey lagta hai maine starting mein backlink ki lalach mein eik website ka link apni blog mein diye ga jaha likha tha free 1000 backlink now what should i do

    • Bro’
      I also created a blogger blog, but unfortunately, Google has no security protection gadgets for bloggers.
      So First of all, You should get a hosting plan for Your Domain and create your personal blog using WordPress, which has many plugins to protect your site from malware, spam & virus attack.
      You can also make its regular backups to save your time.
      If you still want to use blogger, I think you should check your template & JavaScript file, which may be include some spam or virus attachment.

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