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Uses & Health Benefits of Pomegranate in Urdu – Anar Ke Fayde

Benefits of Pomegranate

Pomegranate or Anaar is delicious fruit which height of the tree is 5 to 8 meters and grows in the middle east, Southern Europe, Sub-continent, America, Africa and South Asian countries. All Nutrition are useful for human life, but Pomegranate is very useful Which through you can avoid your physician with eating one pomegranate everyday. Pomegranate has many benefit for normal person …

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Health Benefits of Amra Fruit in Urdu- Amra Ke Fayde

benefits of amra fruit in urdu

Amrra is a rare fruit which grows only at the side of water like river and canals etc. It is used to make many herbal medicine for different types of patients. You know, All Nutrition are useful for human body but Amra or Amraa Fruit is very useful for men, Women, babies as well as permanent patients. Amra Fruit has many …

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Uses & Health Benefits of Tamarind in Urdu – Imli Ke Fayde

Benefits of Tamarind

Tamarind or Imli is a pod like fruit of a tree which wood used for carpentry. Tamarind’s cultivation spreed all over the world because it has many uses like; Tamarind used in medicines, To polish the metals and many others. All Nutrition are useful for human body but Tamarind or Imli is mostly useful in less quantity because It has many …

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Egg Uses & Benefits For Health in Urdu – Anday Ke Fayde

Benefits of Egg in Urdu

Egg or Anda jab bhi generally bola jae to is ka matlab murghi ka anda (Hen Egg) hota hai, Jo ek mukammal ghaza hai. You can eat it after fry, boil and make amulet. Egg also used for different sweets to make them delicious. All nutrition are useful for human body but Egg or Anda is very useful for men, women, …

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Health Benefits of Pineapple in Urdu – Pineapple Ke Fayde

Benefits of Pineapple

Pine Apple or Ananas  is a tropical plant, Which fruit is rare in this area used to protect from many diseases. Its leaves we are used to make textile fiber which used in wallpaper designing and furnishing. You can see Pineapple health benefits in urdu with some popular pineapple uses are given bellow.  

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