600 Jobs Affected with Travis Perkins 300 Branches Closure in UK

Travis Perkins is a UK builders and home improvement merchant based in Northampton, Which was founded in 1988 and now operates almost 2060 outlets and has over 28,000 employees in United Kingdom and Ireland.
It’s CEO is John Carter from Jan 1, 2014, Who take its revenue at 5.942 billion GBP in 2015 That’s why It’s stock price (TPK) is 1405.78 GBX today.UK Jobs

Now the company saying that “It’s necessary to close 30 branches because of uncertain UK outlook for the next year”.

Due to the weak sales into the plumbing & heating division, Their profit is lower than expected in this year. That’s why Travis Perkins is closing its some branches as welll as branches of Benchmarx, PTS and BSS.

Why Travis Perkins is Closing 300 Branches in UK As 600 jobs in Travis Perkins affected due to branches closure, Biggest Builder Travis Perkins Company is near to Close. Most of UK people have in many difficulties because of closure of 300 branches of  Travis Perkins.

It’s all happened after the separation of United Kingdom from European Union in the year 2016, For which they also voted more, But having troubles for their wrong decision.

Tayyib Ahsan

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