Top 10 Reasons Why Apple Dominates Tech Industry

With The Apple’s Live Stream release of iPhone 7 On September 7 2016, Apple has found themselves in a powerful position. By Their latest they’ll either win the race or could get lost in the crowd of their competitors, Apple is taking the industry to the next level leaving behind many tech giants.

Let’s see; Top 10 Reasons Why Apple Dominates Tech Industry

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10. What They Are Providing Us

The Apple’s Every event is a promising one and this time the apple holds a big event in on the Launch Of iPhone 7. Whenever They Release Any Phone It was supposed to be better than those available in the market at that time. Which makes theme Superior In a way.

There Are Plenty Of Other Statistics in which Apple is superior to Other Brands. Apple always tries to dominate the market by keeping their competitors down, they give us everything in a small package this is why apple could lead the upcoming mobile industry.

9. They Are Growing

Every Good company Know that what their competitors are doing and therefore apple pays a lot attention in this matter. If Competitors Of Apple lower their Smartphones prices so apple also should many android and Microsoft Smartphones are available under $200 but Apple never does that and keep selling their products at a high price.

Many Analysts Have Said that Apple needs to lower its prices, but it never does when the apple would be able to lower its prices, it would completely beat down its competitors, it would be Mac or iPhone But then also apple is climbing the market they enter.

8. They Are Killing Other Industries

For Many Years The Camera of smartphones was been the talk and iPhone 7 Completely Vanishes this statement by creating a Dual Lens Camera One Lens Is 28mm And One Is 56mm it could take pictures in a dark environment this camera can be simply compared to a DSLR Camera.

And that’s a bad news for the makers of Cameras If The smartphone camera remains to rise No one will use DSLR Which could lead to Shutdown Of Nikon and Canon A Popular Camera Maker And Since The Increase In Smartphones Camera Their Sales are continuously dropping.

It Doesn’t mean That these Companies Would Not Make a Comeback but apple is also borrowing their camera products from these companies

7. Removing The Fear Of Theft

Nowadays smartphones are being criticized for their less Security and for thefts being held on peoples credit cards which were connected to the cell phones, but now a feature Called Apple Pay Featured on Newer iPhones, Apple has the chance to win this race to add a credit card you can just take a picture of The credit card with your phone. It’s safe, apple says that if you have a lost your iPhone you can Just click a button to stop all the payments

There are some wallet free payment field, including PayPal and Payza. But People Hesitate to put their sensitive information in a smartphone almost $90 billion digital transaction is made. Someone needed to provide some safe payment method and Apple has just done it.

6. They Know How To Sell Technology

The Past 3 Years have been a big time for smart watches, apple, Sony and Samsung are fighting for becoming the best brand but apple has already won this race. Apple is simply best in business in bringing in any new product into the market. When iPad was released many tablets were available, but this product get too much fame and won the hearts of its users the same is in the smart watches.

5. They can effectively remove the technology gaps

When Google glasses got some bad rep people to think that they look stupid while wearing the glasses. This is why google glasses are going to see sales decline and apple smartwatch which looks decent of someones hand is going to see very good sales increase regardless of being a wrist watch, it is going to encourage the wearable technology devices coming in the future it’s something people feel comfortable with.

4. They Offer Innovative Features

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Apple is still one of the top innovators in their field and are becoming tech giants in every tech device which exists apple watch connects with your smartphone. The watch tells you about the maps and tell the location of your phone as well when you get any notification it vibrates when using GPs a tap tells you to move right or left without watching the smartwatch. New features and upgrades invariably boost the quality of the screen and the speakers or some headphone jack. This is a step in a direction that integrates more of the senses, and like just about everything Apple does, it doesn’t break new ground by itself so much as it sets the bar for what can be accomplished in the future. Apple has started dominating in this case.

3. They are Connecting Technology to Our Senses

In Near future touch screen technology could not be used due to fast changing trends the best example of sense recognition can be seen in Microsoft Kinect which uses motion capture and sends signals to xbox and you can play games by your movements.

Apple has also started this the smart watches include haptic sensor and heartbeat monitors, which keeps track of your fitness the GPS keeps track of where ever you are going and don’t let you get lost rather than fitness it learn about you more and more helps you as much as it can and apple is making this happen in their smart watches.

2. They are connecting the world

Imagine that you are able to connect all the lights, fans and devices present at your home when you are not at home this the thing on which apple is currently working they are connecting everything to us. The Car Which we drive from our office to house everything can be controlled by your smartphone as soon as Apple released their home kit with some companies started to develop devices which are compatible to apples this home kit.[AdSense-B]

Google is also planning to develop such a kit, but until Google develops its apple would have done much and could have grabbed control in this market as well.

1. Inductive charging

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The future of technology is going to be wireless and charging is the thing which is done only by wired cables. No matter whatever you can do on your smartphones, but you need to connect your smartphone on to the wire switch every day. Apple smart watch is able to do this easily, you just need to connect a clip to your watch and plug one charger on to the switch and stand next to it the watch charges and the magnets does the rest you can even do this in the dark. It is a lot easier.


Apple is not going to control the future mobile industry not due to their mobile technology not due to that they are growing, but they are making everything look easy and that’s what everybody wants.



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