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Regardless of conveying the title of second most exceedingly bad identification on the planet, Pakistanis still can visit numerous nations without a visa or visa on entry. Pakistani travel permit visa free nations are more than 30, however a large portion of them are situated outside Asia and are extremely toll to reach. Thusly, we will give you a rundown of main 10 delightful nations which you can visit with a Pakistani travel permit without stressing over the visa.

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Pakistani Travel permit Visa Free Nations:

The whole rundown of visa free nations for Pakistani subjects is the accompanying with number of days said:

Antigua and Barbuda (30 days), Bahrain (14 days), Bistro Verde (30 days), Comoros (30 days), Djibouti (30 days), Dominica (21 days), Gabon (30 days e-Visa), Georgia (30 days e-visa), Guinea Bissau (90 days), Haiti (90 days), Kenya (90 days), Madagascar (90 days), Maldives (30 days landing), Mauritania (30 days), Micronesia (30 days), Mozambique (30 days entry), Myanmar/Burma (28 days e-visa), Nepal (30 days entry), Palau (30 days landing), Holy person Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days), Samoa (60 days landing), Seychelles (90 days), Somalia (30 days landing), Tajikistan (60 days e-visa), Tanzania (30 days entry), Timor-Leste (30 days entry), Togo (30 days entry), Trinidad and Tobago (30 days), Turkey (30 days e-visa), Tuvalu (30 days entry), Uganda (30 days entry), Vanuatu (30 days), Zambia (30 days e-visa), Zimbabwe (30 days e-visa).

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So there are add up to 33 nations which will give you visa on entry or once in a while visa is not required by any stretch of the imagination. In the above rundown, the main (days) mean visa is not required and “entry” implies you’ll get visa on the air terminal when you reach there. Furthermore, the “e-visa” implies, you have to get an e-visa from the particular nation’s site, print that and keep it with you. What’s more, in conclusion, Turkey and Georgia oblige you to have a US/UK/Europe or Canada or Australia or Japan or South Korea or Stew visa on your international ID as of now so then they’ll give you visa on entry or e-visa.

Beat 10 Pakistani Travel permit Visa Free Nations

Presently here is a rundown of main 10 nations which anybody from Pakistan can visit and make the most of their stay with low spending plan. Furthermore, they don’t have to stress over the visa, since visa will either be on landing in the air terminal, or it’ll not be required by any stretch of the imagination. These nations I’m saying here are really wonderful to investigate and have a great time.

1) Turkey

The Wonderful Istanbul City in Turkey.

The principal nation in my rundown is Turkey, you can get Turkey e-visa online from their official site or you can get Turkey visa on landing in any airplane terminal with your Pakistani identification.

Notwithstanding and recollect, so as to get Turkey visa on entry or from their site, you should as of now have a visa stamped on your identification from any of the accompanying nations; either Schengen visa or UK visa or Joined States visa or Japan visa or South Korea visa or Mexico visa or Australia visa or Canada visa.

On the off chance that you have only one visa from the previously mentioned nations on your Pakistan international ID then you’ll get Turkey visa on entry or e-visa from their site in 5 minutes. Visit this official Turkey government site to get your e-visa at this moment.


Turkey is only 5 hours from Pakistan, and it’s one of the famous visitor goal on the planet, situated on the outskirt of Asia, Center East and Europe, it’ll give you a genuine taste of history and the way of life. Lastly, the carrier return ticket will cost you just $490 and lodgings are additionally exceptionally shabby in Turkey.

2) Maldives

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It is safe to say that you are a sweetheart of shorelines? on the off chance that so then Maldives is your place!

Our second decision would be the immense Maldives, which is the most delightful nation on earth. I’m myself going to this nation inside next two weeks, and I prescribe everybody to visit it before it vanishes from the planet earth, as it’s beneath ocean level and will vanish in next 25 years.

Maldives president has as of now purchased arrive in Australia and in India to oblige his compatriots as the nation will soon soak in the ocean, yet we have enough time to visit this excellent vacation destination.

Maldives is extremely renowned for excellent shorelines…Maldives is popular for its excellent and stunning shorelines.

3) Myanmar (Burma)

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One of Peoples most loved goals is Myanmar, it gives you e-visa for 28 days, yet you should arrive in Myanmar via air at any global airplane terminal. Myanmar (old name Burma) is one of the verifiable nations situated in the Southeast Asia flanking with Bangladesh, India, Thailand, China and Laos.

The greatest Buddha format on the planet is situated in Myanmar.

Myanmar is popular for the chronicled and world’s biggest Buddha sanctuary, and there are such a variety of social things identified with Buddhism. If you don’t mind visit this site to acquire your visa on the web.

4) Nepal

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The world’s most elevated mountain is arranged in Nepal.

Nepal is situated in the Indian subcontinent, Nepal is a delightful landlocked nation stuck amongest India and China. Nepal offers 30 days visa on landing for Pakistani international ID holders. Nepal is a green nation where you’ll discover comparable environment like Pakistan. I plan to visit Nepal one year from now. World’s most elevated mountain is additionally situated in Nepal.

5) Kenya

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A delightful perspective of Nairobi city in Kenya.

Situated in East Africa, and a standout amongest the most developed nations with practically every current office in Africa, Kenya is the second most mainstream if not the most prominent vacationer goals in the African mainland. Kenya offers you an entire 3 months e-visa. It would be ideal if you go here and get your e-visa before flying out to the wonderful Kenya.

6) Bahrain

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Night perspective of Manama in Bahrain.

Bahrain is a little island nation situated in the Persian Inlet, formally called the center of east. Wonderful shorelines and brilliant life are the best products of Bahrain. Pakistani international ID holders can get a 14 days single passage e-visa before making a trip to Bahrain.People or going to get the open door and visit Bahrain  from now. It would be ideal if you visit this site to get Bahrain e-visa.

7) Tajikistan

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The lovely presidential royal residence situated in Dushanbe Tajikistan.

Situated in focal Asia and circumscribing with Afghanistan, Tajikistan is a wonderful and bumpy nation. As of late, they reported an e-visa for Pakistani travel permit holders, which you can acquire online before your flight to Dushanbe in Tajikistan. Presently Pakistan global carriers (PIA) works every day flights to Dushanbe, keep an eye on their site to get a shabby ticket before your travel date.

8) Georgia

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Tbilis is the capital of Georgia and a dynamic city.

Another lovely nation found half in Europe and half in Asia circumscribing with Turkey and Armenia. Georgia is a green and clean goal to visit. In any case, once more, here you’ll need a US or UK or Europe or Australia or Canada visa on your international ID, and on the off chance that you do as such then Georgia gives you visa on landing.

9) Trinidad and Tobago (T&T)

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Trinidad and Tobago is one of the well known Caribbean island nation in West Non mainstream players.[AdSense-B]

Have you known about West Non mainstream players? in the event that so then Trinidad and Tobago is one of the countries situated in West Non mainstream players furthermore called the Caribbean. Caribbean is exceptionally renowned for it’s remarkable shorelines and lifestyle. Official dialect of T&T is English, so in the event that you ever needed to visit West Non mainstream players then you needn’t bother with a visa for a 30 days visit.

10) Zimbabwe

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A lovely perspective of Harare the capital of Zimbabwe.

While you are on a Kenyan visit, why not have a short excursion to Zimbabwe too? yes, you can get e-visa for Zimbabwe effectively. Zimbabwe is the second most mainstream cricket country in Africa, and it’s extremely wonderful as well. Individuals of Zimbabwe are exceptionally kind and minding. The cash is somewhat down, however you can convey US dollars to complete things effectively. Go here to get your Zimbabwean eVisa ahead of time.

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