How to hunt for best Black Friday 2016 Shopping Deals

When it comes to price discounts, everybody want to get on the wave and buys everything, even though the price difference might be only of a few cents. However, there are some techniques that a smart buyer like you can use in order to get the Best Black Friday 2016 discounts available for the products you want or need. We are calling this deals hunting.

Figure out what products you require to get a discount for.

Starting to hunt for discounts on every product is a waste of time, a terrible one. Instead, grab a pen and some paper and note the products you mostly require on short term and on long term. For short term orientate for products like food, while for longer term products look after electronics, clothes, and home appliances. Once you got your list done, it is time to go out there in the online Shopping and start looking for the biggest Black Friday  Shopping deals and discounts on the products you listed.

Learn a small but important inside secret of discounts.

Every discount is related to a certain action the marketing department of a store or online shop wants to apply to its customers. In other words, every discount comes because there is an opportunity for the store to increase sales. Let’s take the winter holidays for example. In this period of time, people buy presents for their loved ones, so though, in order to attract the customers to buy from their own store, marketers lower the price and create deals. What you must understand from this is that in order to hunt the biggest deals, you need to start in the right hunting season: holidays, the first days after the end of summer holiday, and so on.

Ask your online robot buddy for help.

When you are looking for discounts in the online environment, things get a little bit different, as you can ask for help. There are plenty of websites which are monitoring lots of online stores in Pakistan and list their best deals on Black Friday 2016. However, don’t fall for the pay-to-see trap. Some of these deal-listing websites will charge you a fee for using them; the problem is that most of the time the fee is a percent from the discount difference price; in order words, you will lose your discounted money to that certain website. In order to avoid this, look for websites that are listing daily deals but do not charge you for using them.

Use the newsletter system to directly receive deals.

Most respectable online stores like,,, are providing a newsletter system, where by inserting his/her e-mail address a client will receive the best promotions directly in his e-mail box. This is useful when you wish to monitor only a few websites for their deals. Sign up for the newsletter and you will be the first to know about what discounts they offer.

Please mention, What are you shopping in this Black Friday Deal for your family & friends.


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