Best Mobile Phones to Buy in 2016

Owning a flagship phone is the top priority of everyone these days. Especially the teenagers, who seemed to have joined the spree of changing a cell phone every month to buy the next amazing one. Owing to the latest updates in the architecture, both internal and external, has managed to garner much appreciation over a period of about 6-7 years. Every year, we see a bunch of eye-dazzling cell phones which are introduced by some of the best companies across the

These amazing cell phones flaunt style blended with performance and speed which attracts the potential buyers to come, check and buy a phone. Here in this article, we will be bringing some of the best phones to buy in 2016, into the limelight along with their specifications and those features which have rated them the best phones amongst the entire lot.

1- HTC 10:

A successor to the HTC One M9, the HTC 10 comes with its sleek designs with cured edges and a unique uni-body aluminum architecture which adds to its delicacy as you bend it or hold it in your hand. The HTC 10 flaunts a huge battery of about 3000mAh paired with a 12-mega pixel auto focus camera with the front camera of about 5 mega-pixel ultra pixel camera which gives it an edge over other phones of the age. It has a total of about 4 GB RAM and it comes with android marshmallow and is also equipped with a strong and fast octa-core processor. It costs around $700 a piece.

2-Apple Iphone SE:

The iphone series has added another handy phone in its clan by the name of Iphone SE, a 4-inch handy device for those who want to operate their phones with just one hand. Don’t go over its small size as it is equipped with the same specifications and hardware properties as found in Iphone 6s. It is packed with an A9 Processor, 2 GB RAM and a 12 mega pixel camera with the help of which you can take stunning photos within light or dark environment. [AdSense-B]

The Iphone SE comes with some drawbacks as well. It has an older version of TouchID installed and lacks 3D touch capabilities. It also has a front camera of about 1.5 megapixel, another setback which can disheart any potential buyer from buying it.

3-LG G5:

The mighty G5, is a successor to the G4. The G5 is the one of its kind and it is the first modular phone ever built. It comes with 3 to 4 modules which can be used to enhance the capabilities of the phone if installed for the purpose for which they are built. It comes with many amazing features one of which its HiFi Plus module which makes its audio quality remarkable. Its camera is almost 16 megapixel with an aperture of f/1.8. It has 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage.

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