Top 10 Most Popular and Richest Twitter Accounts to Follow

In the world of internet, Many peoples, pages, channels, groups, websites and others are more visible & listed. Although, they are property of male or even a female, So in this article we will discuss the Top 10 Most Popular Twitter Accounts in the World and If you want to inform about this topic you have to read this whole article, Which may helpful to have your own account so popular like that;

Let’s get started to take a brief introduction of Richest Twitter Accounts to Follow;Top 10 Most Popular and Richest Twitter Accounts to Follow

Katy Perry:

As many other actresses, Katy Perry is one of the most popular actress in American and around the entire world as well.  She was born in 25-October-1984 in Santa Barbara, California, United State of America. In the platform of twitter, she is the most popular person and she has almost 82,441,806 followers with 6832 tweets.

You can Get More  @katyperry

Justin D Bieber:

Like Katy Perry, Justin Drew Bieber, is also a singer of Canada. He was born in March 1, 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada. He is the apple of one’s eye for his fabulous singing sound. He is not just been popular in the world by his song but also been popular in the internet world too. After Katy Perry, this young boy took second place in one of the most popular twitter account. His twitter account followed by many peoples, and that’s why he has 74,774,213 followers with 30,595 tweets.

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Taylor A Swift:

HAT-TRICK!  Like above actor and actress, Taylor Alison Swift is also a singer of America. She was born in December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, US (United State of America). She is most popular singer too. World follow her much in her various social accounts and maybe by this reasons her twitter account quite rich. She has 70,556,238 followers now with 4,084 tweets, and she is getting more followers day by day.

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Barack Obama:

Barack Obama is not sole his full name is Barack Hussein Obama. He was born in August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii, United State of America. He is an American Politician and serves his country as a President in last some years. He is not being popular in World for his honestly equity but been popular in the internet world too. Especially in his twitter account. With 14,614 tweets, His twitter account followed by other 69,431,884 twitter accounts. He is first politician in twitter that has these amounts of followers.

You can Get More  @barackobama


The area which exists trillions of videos called YouTube. Whereas YouTube is the product of Google, & we redirect on YouTube optimally by Google, but Google has not enough followers as compare to YouTube. World are following YouTube by their twitter account daily. With 15,876 tweets, Almost 59,212,057 twitter account are following YouTube. Well, I am also one of their follower as others as might you are also.

You can Get More  @youtube


Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer, born in February 20, 1988, Saint Michael, Barbados. She is fond to sing a song and publish on global. She performs singing in a big stage in front of heaps of peoples, her personality to inspire and entertain people with her classical sound quality. And maybe by this reason she has 55,652,285 followers with 9,775 tweets in her twitter account.

You can Get More  @rihanna

Lady Gaga:

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is also an American singer as many above as I mentioned. She was born in March 28, 1986 in Manhattan, New York, United State of America. Professionally known as Lady Gaga for her famous twitter account, and why not? She is not much popular in world as she is in internet world. Especially in her social networking site mostly on her twitter account. With  7,242 tweets, Her twitter account has 55,189,979 followers and she is worth to keep it up and being gained regularly.

You can Get More  @ladygaga

Ellen DeGeneres:

Ellen Lee DeGeneres is an American comedian, actress, writer, television hosted person and maybe a film producer too. She was born January 26, 1958, Metairie, Louisiana, United State of America. She is very fun loving person. He is also present in various social networking sites and popular in all of them.  Especially in her twitter account because her twitter account followed by 53,641,224 peoples with 11,805 tweets and her twitter account gained day by day.

You can Get More  @theellenshow


Twitter is one the key and important social sharing networking site for anyone. Twitter was settled in internet world in March 21, 2006. And now been one of the most popular social networking websites. Usually this is some time being the second most common social networking websites.
I mean after Facebook their name comes mostly. In twitter social network the same name has 52,105,993 followers with 2,374 tweets, Which’s increasing. It’s one of a famous account too.

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Justin Timberlake:

This is the last and final on the top 10 popular account of twitter. Justin Timberlake is also an American singer. He was born in January 31, 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee, United State of America. His occupation is singer, record producer, businessman, actor and a song writer as well. His twitter account listed very much in others person web account and he has 51,796,135 followers with 3,124 tweets.

You can Get More  @jtimberlake

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